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Maharishi School in Fairfield leads to Historic Beatles Reunion

On April 4th, 2009, thousands of people including celebrities Yoko Ono, Jennifer Aniston and John McEnroe, excitedly gathered at Radio City Hall in NYC to witness the nearest thing to a Beatles reunion in 2009. The event quickly became focus of three thousand press articles, 40 TV newspots, and the eyes and ears of the whole world, a historic event that is a by-product of David Lynch’s visit to Maharishi School in Fairfield, five years ago.

When David visited Maharishi School, he found happy, healthy children, relaxed teachers and outstanding academic achievements. He was so deeply moved and inspired, that he launched The David Lynch Foundation, a foundation aimed at making Transcendental Meditation (TM) available to schools throughout the world. Since his visit, David has continued to devote much of his time to raising awareness of the benefits of the TM Program in education, culminating most recently with the historic ‘Change Begins Within’ concert in New York.

Throughout the concert, the array of diverse stars and celebrities all told of their long-term benefits from practicing TM, and many video clips were shown of students whose lives have been positively turned around since Transcendental Meditation has been introduced into their school’s ‘Quiet Time’, with support from the David Lynch Foundation The crowds cheered and applauded the great talent and the sincere dedication of all the stars to their worthy cause.
The concert resulted in $3 million raised towards teaching Transcendental Meditation to one million students around the world.

For information about enrollment or visiting Maharishi School, contact or call; 641 472 9400 ext #5064.


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