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A Beautiful Autumn Bike Ride

October 10 was a perfect day for Maharishi School’s annual Bike Fest. The students had a wonderful time riding bikes on a sunny autumn day. Students rode varying distances, depending on their age. Earlier in the week, all lower school students had completed a bike and helmet safety check during PE classes. Their chains were oiled (thanks to lube oil provided by A.J.’s Bike Shop), their tires were pumped, and they were good to go.

In the morning the pre-school children rode in the Nature Explore Classroom and along the sidewalks inside the Vastu fence. Smiling parents, grandparents and the little riders enjoyed their parts, which included a push up the hill for the young riders.

Kindergarten through second grades spent their morning riding in the carpool loop. Round and round they went on bikes, trikes, and scooters of different sizes, cruising at different speeds and abilities. Thirsty? Water was provided. Hungry? Snacks of fruit and cookies fueled their fun. Stickers were placed on the riders’ helmets for each lap completed.

Grades three through eight rode the Fairfield Loop trail. Third through sixth grades rode the Fairfield Loop trail to Chautauqua Park and back, about 7 miles. In the afternoon the Middle School students and several Upper School students rode the trails to Lamson Woods and back, about 10 miles. Refreshments were provided at the halfway points for both groups. The terrain on this part of the trail is varied--lakes, prairie, and wood--and the day was perfect for riding, with little wind and clear skies.

Congratulations to the following upper and middle school students who rode the full 17 miles of the Fairfield Loop Trail: Keefe Lashway, Amie Saine, Bodhi Boucherle, Pablo Duarte, Lucianna Miller and Sai Pullapantula. They followed the same route as the lower and middle school trail riders, but continued on past Lamson Woods to follow the loop trail that circles Fairfield. Although water and snacks were provided at Lamson Woods, most of the trekkers also carried their own provisions.

All groups participating in the Bike Fest trail rides were supervised by adults who rode with the groups. These volunteers and the volunteers who helped with the younger riders made possible this year’s successful Bike Fest. An enthusiastic thank you to all volunteers and generous sponsors who contributed to this year’s biking event, and especial thanks to Everybody’s, Hy-Vee, and Golden Dome Market for supplying snacks and first aid materials.

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