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Alumni Make Trade Fair a Success

Maharishi School’s Holiday Trade Fair fundraiser this year was made an even greater success than usual by alumni Ben Kaplan (2000), Ben Stone (2001), and Justin Vigmostad (2000).

Ben Kaplan, a member of the Maharishi School Board of Directors, was brainstorming with fellow board member Mark Freeman about fundraising, and Ben suggested Books Are Fun help out by organizing a book fair. Matching his words with action, Ben donated five pallets of books and gifts for the fair.

Ben Stone explained the company’s investment in the Trade Fair. “It was a pleasure for all of us to help raise some money for the school. This type of community fundraiser is a new concept that we are considering for our company. The investment that we made was to help the school, but it was also to observe this concept in action. It was very worthwhile for us.” The total amount raised was about $4,500. The Dharma Scholarship Fund will receive $3,500, and the remainder will go the library fund and the art program.

Ben Kaplan, Ben Stone, and Justin flew out from Boulder, Colorado, with co-worker Eric Whiteside to get things set up. Kaplan also arranged for sales rep Peggy Fitzgerald from Moline, Illinois, to come and run the show.

Justin, who grew up in Fairfield, said, “I knew half the people who came to the Trade Fair. It’s good to be here supporting the school.” The pallets were shipped to Iowa early, when Ben Kaplan and company showed up to unpack them, they were happy to see all the volunteers who came to help. “Many hands make light work.”

Ben Kaplan summed up the experience. “It was really great to come home and see the community come out in full force in support of the school. Everyone seemed really excited to both capitalize on such great values while raising money for an awesome cause. I can't wait to do it again!”

Thanks to these generous and hard-working alumni and co-workers, who through their service helped make this year’s Trade Fair a success. We’re glad everyone had a chance to have some fun with friends and family.

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