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Chinese Schools To Collaborate With MUM, Maharishi School

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Fairfield, May 14 - An education delegation of five people representing a syndicated school system of three middle and high schools in China, recently visited MUM and Maharishi School for two days and signed two agreements to collaborate.

The director of an education corporation, his assistant, and three principals from the schools met with administrators, faculty, and students.

The delegation signed two memoranda of understanding with MUM and Maharishi School stating the intention to collaborate in offering international education. These understandings include mutual student exchanges, sending boarding students to Maharishi School, and sending high school graduates to MUM as well as summer and winter camp activities on both sides.

The memorandum also mentioned classroom activity exchanges between schools via the Internet, and faculty training and curriculum planning for the China schools

“The Chinese delegation was very interested in the Unified Field approach to education and the concept and practice of Consciousness-Based education,” said Yunxiang Zhu, MUM associate dean of Asian expansion.

While here the visitors received presentations on Consciousness-Based(SM) education, on MUM admissions and recruiting, and on Maharishi School achievements. “They were genuinely amazed by the great success Maharishi School has achieved,” Dr. Zhu said.

They discussed sending students to MUM to earn a master’s degree in education, setting up a college prep program on their campus, and introducing Consciousness-Based education in their schools.

After meeting students and visiting classes, Mr. Zang said that although Fairfield is a small town, it’s an ideal place for students to study. And he said he wants some of his students to attend Maharishi School and MUM.

The visitors also received a tour of Maharishi Vedic City and spent time at the Maharishi Vedic Observatory(TM).

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