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Destination Imagination Teams Head to Knoxville, Tennessee for Globals!

What would compel a group of kids to wake up before sunrise and head out to school in the dark?  The Destination Imagination Global Finals, of course!  

Tuesday morning at 6:00 am an excited bus-load of students and chaperones departed for Knoxville, Tennessee, prepared to meet 17,000 peers from around the world and compete in their respective challenges.  

Maharishi School students formed teams in December and began brainstorming, building sets, making costumes, and rehearsing for either technical, scientific, engineering, fine arts, improvisational, or service learning efforts.  The groups traveled to Ames, Iowa on March 31st, and six teams won state medals and the right to represent Iowa at the Global Finals.

This year the annual pilgrimage was joined by Sankari and Keith Wegman, who drove a truck full of props and costumes for Maharishi School in celebration of their sixteenth wedding anniversary!  Both of the Wegman's children are members of Destination Imagination teams, so the Global Finals are an educational vacation for the whole family this year!

If you'd like to tune in to Globals there's a live streaming link this year!  Good luck to all our teams, and thanks to all the sponsors who made this meaningful and memorable experience a possibility for our students!

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