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Dr. Beall: China Bound

The clock is ticking…

It won’t be long before Andrea and I depart for China—early Thursday morning.

In our assembly this morning I asked the Boys School, "Why would we go to China to recruit students?" The students replied:

"Because education in China is really stressful, and they need to know about our approach."

"To increase the diversity of our school."

"Because we like the Chinese!" That brought a smile to Xie Runzhao’s face, our current boarding student from Beijing.

"To add more students."

"Because they want to come to the US to learn English and attend US colleges."

They were all right. We have an exciting possibility for expanding our enrollment, our diversity, our resources, and our mission. So many families in China are eager to invest in their most precious resource—their children—to enhance their educational and career potential. And many private schools in the US are responding.

Two weeks ago we organized a delegation to visit two respected private boarding schools in Indiana and Illinois. We wanted to see how they have been handling their boarding program, and to hear directly from some of their Asian students. We came away confident that our community will be enriched with new additions, and that while we have much work to do to prepare, we can do this well.

"It takes a village to raise a child" and it takes a whole community to provide a rich, rewarding residential life for boarding students. Whatever you and your children put into this new situation—welcoming the students, inviting them to your homes, providing treats for them on occasion—will be evidence that another familiar expression is truth in Fairfield: “The world is my family.”

In addition to China, our Marketing Team is also recruiting International boarders, including students from Latin America, Germany, Italy, Korea, and of course the United States.

I hope you’ll wish us well as we reach out to bring a bit of the world back to Fairfield with us.

New Foreign Language Program

For many years, we have offered Sanskrit as our foreign language and it has served our graduates well as a unique feature of their college applications. But we’ve also heard requests for modern languages to be taught so our alumni have prior experience with their foreign language in college.

Next year we will offer Spanish for our 10th and 11th graders. We’ll have more details as we approach the 2011-12 school year. But with the growing Hispanic population in the US, we felt this was a logical choice.

We often hear that our world is becoming more interconnected every day. These two initiatives—expanding our international boarding program and offering Spanish—will enhance our students’ abilities to succeed in a global society.


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