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Elan Visits Camp Med O Lark in Maine

                                                                                               Maharishi Middle School student Elan Jenkins traveled to Maine this summer and spent two weeks at Camp Med O Lark, which "offers an all-elective arts program in which campers create their own schedule from a wide array of activities such as performing arts, fine arts, sports, waterfrontand much more."                                                           From participating in paint fights, to horseback riding, to meeting new friends, Elan had an unforgettable Maine summer. "Making new friends, putting myself out there, and all of the activities have really helped boost my confidence. It was a great experience, thank you Camp Med O Lark!" While, like any middle school student, Elan wishes summer would never end, we're sure she'll acclimate to the new school year and enjoy herself once she gets back into her scholastic routine! 

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