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Happy Spring Vacation From Dr. Beall

Dear Maharishi School Community,

I hope your spring vacation is off to a good start and that it includes enough warmth to thaw you out from the long winter!

I returned home Thursday night from the senior class’s successful trip to Los Angeles. These trips have three purposes: 1) to connect with meditating peers in other places, 2) to experience different cultures/climates, and 3) to deepen their bonds as a class. Within the first day, all three were accomplished.

Our first stop was at the Semillas public charter school, uniquely dedicated to sustaining the Aztec culture. Our trip began early this year so we could attend their Spring/Equinox Celebration on Friday, March 21st. We entered a gate into a courtyard about the size of a basketball court, and their students were assembled around the perimeter. We were guided into a semi-circle facing the two-story school building, adorning with a beautiful colorful mural of the creation story and other Aztec symbols. After a warm welcome, they expressed their respect toward each of the cardinal directions, honored each of us with incense, and shared an impressive dance, drumming, singing ceremony. Afterward we entered the building and meditated with all their staff and students, well over 100 in total. We also visited their elementary school, where students again performed customary songs. Before lunch, we all met in an open courtyard, sitting in a circle, to learn more about their culture and the school. Our students felt a special connection with this community—some compared it to being in another Fairfield because of the spiritual unity and social warmth.

We had many other experiences on the trip: the girls visited another charter school for at-risk girls, group meditations at two TM Centers, a meeting with our alumni and David Lynch, surfing, beach volleyball, an NBA game, a meeting with Jerry Jarvis in Malibu, exploring Universal Studios, a comedy club show, a medieval times dinner and show, and lots of great food. The students will share stories and pictures of their trip with the community soon after spring vacation.

Also this is the time of year when our students are competing in a variety of events, also with great success:

  • In our first entry, we won the Southeast Iowa Superconference Quiz Bowl. Our team of juniors included Samantha Bell, Alex Hoffman, Dia Huggins, and Nathaniel Zhu (led by Rig Gelfand).
  • Maharishi School students won the Grand Prize in both Senior (Bimba Shrestha) and Junior (Pranav Chhalliyil) divisions at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair, earning all-expenses-paid trips to the International competition in Los Angeles.
  • We won three First Places at the Southeast Iowa Superconference Art contest: in Drawing (Kriston Zhang Zhe), Photography, (Amanda Valentine) and the Judges Category (Chrissy Corazza).
  • Yesterday Bimba Shrestha won 1st place (and $1500 in cash awards) and Pranav took a third place award.
  • Our seniors are receiving their college acceptance notices now, including: UCLA, UC-San Diego, UC-Santa Cruz, UC-Riverside, Middlebury, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers, U Colorado-Boulder, Tulsa, U Illinois-Chicago, Boston U, Northeastern, Earlham, Beloit, Knox and Iowa (with many more to come later this week).
  • One of our alumni and former Maharishi School teacher (John Armstrong) was accepted for graduate study at Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern, and Michigan.

Today our DI teams are competing at State, so we expect more good news soon.

It’s nice to send us to vacation on such a powerful wave of happiness and achievement. Have a great time, wherever you are enjoying the spring.

All the best,


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