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Maharishi School Alumni Launches Gift Giving Service App

Maharishi School alumni Jonathan Jarvis recently cofounded the gift-giving company Token.  Maharshi School is a private, college preparatory day and boarding school in Fairfield, Iowa.Maharishi School alumni Jonathan Jarvis, class of 2002, has worked in strategy and design for companies including Honda, Adobe, and Google, as well as for the global children's charity UNICEF, since graduating from ArtCenter College of Design in 2009.  Now Jarvis has combined his passion for economics and graphic design into a new venture, Token, a professional gift-giving service that is powered by artificial intelligence

After downloading the Token app, customers enter information about their relationship with the person they're shopping for, as well as the age range, personal style,occasion for giving, and a price range for the present.  The artificially intelligence powered search engine presents an array of gift options to a human Token employee, who then whittles down the selection for the gift-giver.  Once the customer chooses an item out of the curated options, Token staff wrap the present, hand write a card,  and deliver the gift to the recipient.   This app is the first of its kind because the customer is not redirected to any other websites, but rather stays with Token and is served for the entire choosing, purchasing, and delivery process on one platform.

Token is free to download and use, and generates revenue by charging a percentage of each purchase to shoppers who purchase gifts, as well as collecting a commission from over 1,000 brand and retail partners when a product is sold.

Congratulations, Jonathan, we look forward to checking back in and watching Token grow!

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