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Maharishi School Convocation Ceremonies Inspire All

The excitement in the air was tangible as students and faculty filed into the Henry Ogden Clark auditorium for convocation. Students waved to friends and teachers not seen for an entire summer, while parents chatted at the back of the room. Dr. Beall stepped up to the podium and greeted his enthusiastic school body, “Good afternoon, Pioneers!” The room erupted in cheers. Matthew Rowe, ninth grader, began the ceremony, like his brother before him, by playing the didgeridoo, an Australian Aboriginal instrument.

Representatives from the Maharishi School boys class of 2010 presented their class gift, a beautiful mural of the tree of knowledge, painted by alum, Mikaila Maidment. The national leaders for the TM movement in Korea were honored. New faculty and students were introduced, with much enthusiastic applause. Lawrence Eyre lead everyone in singing America the Beautiful, the school anthem, and the Veda Lila. As is the tradition, students made wishes for the coming year school year and Dr. John Haeglin, Raja for North America, and parent of a new student, performed the cake-cutting ceremony, symbolic of enjoying the fulfillment of our efforts.

Dr. Ashley Deans gave an amazing and inspiring slideshow of children in schools world-wide, from all different cultures and religions, practicing Transcendental Meditation.

The first grade led the way out of the auditorium, jubilantly hi-fiving the seniors as they went. It’s going to be a great school year!

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