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Maharishi School Girls Enjoy Camp Hantesa

The annual Camp Hantesa field trip for grades 7-12 Maharishi School girls was September 10-12 this year. Camp Hantesa, located in Boone, Iowa, is an in-residence facility operated by Campfire Girls International, with cabins and lodges for campers.

The girls participated in a series of activities, such as the climbing wall, orienteering, arts and crafts, and team-skills building activities. The girls' student council chose the theme for the year and the names of the four groups: Ninja, Pocahontas, Frozen, and Mulan. The groups were composed of students from all grades, which promoted leadership skills and allowed students to get to know one another better.

Supervising from Maharishi School were school personnel Laurie Baumann, Kristina Gelfand, Sheila Higgins, Tasha Jones, and Alena Goldstein. Team spirit activities were conducted by each group, culminating in a Friday scavenger hunt.

Points were earned for the Hantesa Quest scavenger hunt. Each supervisor had to be located and then a required task completed in order to earn points. Belongings packed, puzzles solved, and a handicap of the seniors having “lost their voices” provided lots of fun, challenges, and team-building enterprises.

When tasks were completed, seniors “regained” their voices and had to announce “We win” in three different languages. The group earning the most points won the Golden Hantesa Questors’ Cup, but it sounds like all the teams earned many golden memories. 

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