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Maharishi School in England 100% Funded by Government

Maharishi Free School, United Kingdom

Maharishi School has been accepted as a Free School by the UK Government, which means it will receive full support, including 100% funding, from now on.

The UK Government has granted “Free School” status to the Maharishi School in Skelmersdale, whereby the School joins other state maintained schools in England. From now on all expenses of the School will be fully covered by the state, including tuition fees, teachers' salaries, and building costs. Construction has already started to create additional classrooms, and within a few years a new Vastu facility is being proposed by the School. This also gives the opportunity for further Maharishi Schools to be opened in England in coming years with government funding. At the same time, it will be an inspiration for other schools to adopt Consciousness-Based Education. This achievement comes out of 25 years of success of the school, during which it has been consistently ranked amongst the highest achieving schools in the country.

The Maharishi School team (from left to right): Phil Mitchell school bursar; Richard Scott director (holding signed agreement from the Government), Dr. Derek Cassells Head Teacher, and Andrew Pringle project leader for school construction.

According to Richard Scott, project leader for the Free School programme and a director of the Maharishi Free School,  in recent years, more and more students from non-meditating families have been enrolling in the Maharishi School in order to gain advantage of the special quality of education on offer. They have appreciated the policy that students and their parents learn Transcendental Meditation, and until now they have been paying school fees as well.
Local and national government have expressed their full support for ‘Consciousness-Based Education, including Transcendental Meditation and the Science of Creative Intelligence’ in the school. This has come about because the Government has decided to support schools ‘that work’, schools that are successful, and it is therefore the Government’s main interest to preserve all the aspects that make the Maharishi School so uniquely successful and to support that. There has been a massive response from parents in the area who are all keen to send their children to the new School. The school will double in size in September, and treble the next year, and new Maharishi Schools are planned for the coming 3 to 4 years.

As part of the approval process a document has to be submitted to the Government listing the policies of education that will be offered by the School. These included the following Consciousness-Based Education teaching and learning policies:

a. Course overview charts
b. Unified Field charts
c. Wholeness of the lesson
d. Main point charts
e. Looking at all knowledge in the light of the Self
f. The value of repetition
g. Analysis and synthesis
h. The children express what they learn
i. The content of each lesson should be uplifting
j. Routine should be disciplined and relaxed.
In addition, every school in the UK has to have an anti-terrorism policy, and the Maharishi School is the only school that has peer-reviewed research to support its policy.
 Maharishi’s knowledge is used at the School. Maharishi Jyotish is used, for example, to ensure that the beginning of each school year is on an auspicious day.

An inspiring short documentary about Maharishi School was played with pupils, teachers and parents speaking about their experience of Consciousness-Based Education at the School.

This 9-minute video is available at:

The expanding school will need more staff, and interested teachers and educators from all countries are invited to email Dr. Cassells at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Dr. Cassells and his team have offered to run a training seminar for educators from all countries to learn about the materials and approaches that have been used to bring about this achievement, so they can use them for quicker results in their own countries. Dr. Cassells feels that our programme in the field of education is now so well established that there is no reason why every government should not do the same as the UK Department for Education if the case is clearly presented to them.



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