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Maharishi School Robotics Team Perseveres Against Stiff Competition

The Maharishi School Robotics team met stiff competition against experienced teams when they traveled to Peoria, Illinois, on March 18-20 to participate for the first time in their academic career in the FIRST Robotics Competition. They competed against 38 other teams who had up to 30 members per team from combined schools, 5 engineer mentors, entire workshops of tools on site, and many years of experience. Our team did not win but represented our school with great determination, creativity, and coherence.

Team Members:
Alex Hoffmann
Dia Huggins
Jacqueline Leete
Brandon Prather-Huff
Lalith Pullapantula
Bimba Shrestha
David Wadsworth
Frank (Li) Wang
Alex (Xiaoyu) Ye

Advisor Vishal Bakshi commented: "Throughout the two competition days, it was a great feeling to see many veteran teams come to us and commend our performance as such a small school against so many larger and veteran teams. Some of the fellow coaches told me this was the "toughest year to be a rookie" and that added to the awe of how well our students stepped up when the spotlights were shining brightly!"

The competition involved lifting, transporting and maneuvering recycling totes through the field of play to gain the highest number of points possible in 2.5 minutes. Participants competed in teams of three schools, all collaborating to achieve the task of clearing “litter” from the field of play. The interdisciplinary knowledge of electronics, mechanical engineering, and structural design had to be applied in order to achieve the requirements of lifting, transporting, and maneuvering through the competition field of play.

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