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Maharishi School Update From Dr. Richard Beall

Dear Maharishi School Community,

Last Wednesday I returned home to a new sight in front of our School—the rainbow flag. Maharishi School has a Gender Diversity Policy in place that honors and protects trans students, staff, and faculty and everyone on the LGBTQ spectrum. We are a private day and boarding school located in Southeast Iowa, ideal for families in the Quad Cities, the Midwest, and around the world!

The rainbow flag has long represented peace, unity, and, especially, a safe space for all. This symbol has been adopted by the LGBT community and its supporters to represent the diversity within that group. In recent years the six colors have come to symbolize life (red), healing (orange), sunlight (yellow), nature (green), harmony (blue), and spirit (purple/violet).

One of the Preschool students was walking to the building with Mrs. Bellonci and asked, “Who lives in the Rainbow Country?”  She replied, “We all do.”

For Maharishi School, the rainbow flag symbolizes our acceptance of diversity. When we say, “The world is our family,” our hearts open wide enough to embrace everyone. That is the capacity of human consciousness, and that was the example Maharishi set throughout his life. His knowledge and technologies enable us to reach the depth of our innermost selves and to connect with our entire world family.

I witnessed that again as I traveled literally around the globe: from Chicago to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and back to Chicago and Fairfield. I spoke with so many people about Maharishi School: current and prospective parents, recruiting agents, school and business leaders, tennis academies, and TM and yoga teachers.  They are impressed by our School and they, too, want to transcend. They want to connect with our School, to join us in person or in partnerships. It will be exciting to see what develops in the days to come.

Maharishi School is a private day and boarding school located in Southeast Iowa, ideal for families in the Quad Cities, the Midwest, and around the world! I also celebrated a big birthday on Friday, and I deeply appreciate the kind sentiments that surrounded me in our School and community. At the end of the day, I was called to my office to meet a group of third-grade students. They had written birthday letters, such as:

“I really like this wonderful school… Everybody gets along which is good because people are supposed to be kind to each other.”

“I really love the school because it is so peaceful… everywhere I look, I see peace.”

“Happy Birthday! I love what you do for our school. It is a nice and peaceful school where there are no bullies. I hope I will graduate from the School. I hope you will be Principal for many more years.”

Me, too. It’s a privilege working with and for all of you, sustaining this School as a safe and stimulating space for our multicultural, multicolored rainbow family.

With my gratitude and determination to continue our growth and improvement,


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