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Maharishi School Welcomes Six Students from China

School began one week early for six new boarding students from China.

He Yuandi (Simon) , Dai Hongzhang (Tim), Li Yize (James) , Xue Yubo (Michael), Liu Yifan (Ivan), and Guo QianQian (Cathy), arrived for a one-week orientation that began on Monday, August 13. The new students learned about Consciousness-based education, the Fairfield community, and had an overnight trip to Des Moines where they visited the State Capitol building, Jordan Creek Mall, the Science Museum, IMAX and the Iowa State Fair.  During Orientation they will also learn the Transcendental Meditation program.

On Saturday night, August 18, students from Maharishi School are hosting a welcome party at Waterworks Park at 7:30pm. All students are invited. Our new students are looking forward to meeting their classmates.

The students from China are staying with host parents from the Maharishi School and MUM community. Simon’s host parents are Greg and Stephanie Holland; Tim’s host family are Kari Bedi and her son Rafi; Li Yize’s host parents are Suzanna and Matt Mulleneaux; Michael and Ivan’s hosts are Susan and Gabe Romero, and Cathy’s American parents are Matthew and Julie Beaufort.

We are delighted to welcome our new friends from China to Maharishi School

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