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The Ideal Shopping Program at Maharishi School

Do you know Maharishi School has a no-effort fundraising program that you can participate in . . . with no extra work on your part?

It’s the Maharishi School Ideal Shopping Program, and it’s been around for over fifteen years. Once one of the premiere fundraising programs for Maharishi School, it’s taken the backseat over the last few years to some of its more flashy cousins, but we want to put this easy and productive fundraising process back in the front seat.

We all need to buy food, buy gas, maintain the car, and do all those things that keep the household going, and local businesses that are a part of the Ideal Shopping Program are willing to donate between 2-5% of your purchases to our school and to your child’s personal fundraising commitment. When you make a purchase at participating stores, simply write the check payable to Maharishi School. This amount is transferred automatically to the fundraising account of the student concerned (if you write the child’s name in the memo space on the check), or if no student name is included, the funds are placed in a general fund.

  • Everybody’s
  • HyVee
  • University BP– gas and retail
  • Custom Cuts
  • Dotty’s Sewing Nook
  • Fairfield Flower Shop
  • Fairfield Tire and Service
  • Frontline Printing & Graphics
  • The Raj
  • Subway
  • Taco John’s
  • Thai Deli

Example of annual household spending:

  • Hy-Vee @ $300/month: $3600 x 5%= $180
  • Everybody’s @ $300/month: $3600 x 2.5%= $90
  • BP Gas @ $80/month: $960 x 3%= $29
  • Car maintenance @ $300/yr x 2.5% = $8
  • Meals Out @ $500/yr x 5% = $25
  • Haircuts @ $50/month: $600 x 5% = $30
  • Target, Amazon, Lands’ End,etc.
  • @ $2000/yr x 2% = $40
  • Ayurvedic herbs Raj @ $350/yr x 5% = $18

Total $430

See how easy it is? Just make the check out to Maharishi School instead of using the store’s name on the check or using a credit card. Get two friends to do the same and triple the amount of donations!

Helping Maharishi School and increasing your family’s commitment total is just as easy when shopping online--if not easier! There are two easy paths for helping with fundraising while shopping online: the iGive program and Target.

iGive is the largest and longest-lasting “shop-for-good” company with over 1,400 online retail stores, such as Land’s End, Target, Gab, Staples, and Amazon.. When you sign up for iGive and download the iGive Button, you help fulfill your fundraising obligation and support Maharishi School. Let’s just think about Land’s End for a moment. School uniforms are purchased through Land’s End; therefore, every single uniform item purchased from Land’s End can count toward your family’s contribution amount if purchased through iGive.

iGive is free to join, it doesn’t cost the you any more money for your purchases, and the retailer designates a portion of your purchases toward your personal fundraising commitment. It’s that simple! Just forward your monthly report to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for credit.

Shopping at Target online and at Target stores is an easy way to fundraise for Maharishi School. Apply for a Target REDcard and register Maharishi School as your school of choice at Target's Take Charge of Education.

Target donates 1% of all Target Visa Credit Card and Target Credit Card purchases made at a Target store or at, and 1% of all Target Check Card purchases made at a Target Store to Maharishi School. Target will also donate 1/2% of all Target Visa Credit Card purchases made outside of Target to Maharishi School.

As you can see, fulfilling your personal fundraising commitment and supporting Maharishi School can be an easy, enjoyable process! Please establish the habit of shopping through Maharishi School’s Ideal Shopping program. You are only a “click” away from helping Maharishi School, its students, and Consciousness-Based education. Follow your heart and follow the Ideal Shopping link.

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