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New Students Arrive at Maharishi School for Orientation

Diversity is the key trait of the twenty students new to Maharishi School who attended a week-long orientation from August 12 to 18. Ranging from grades 7-12, the students came from six nations--the USA, China, South Africa, Dubai, Mexico, and India.

“Hailing from nations around the world,” though, does not completely describe the diversity of this year’s new Maharishi School students. Nine students are from China and six students are from the United States. Five families moved to Fairfield from as far as Dubai and India, and also from Chicago and California, so their children could attend the school. The school also has a new student from Mexico, and a brother and sister from South Africa. Fourteen of the new students are boarding with host families associated with the school.

The new students attended meetings by Maharishi School faculty and administration. They were given an overview of American education, and Consciousness-Based education, Maharishi School’s approach to learning that emphasizes “200% of life, 100% inner development and 100% outer success.”

Besides learning about their new school routine, the orientation also introduced students new to the United States to American culture and to the community of Fairfield. The students learned about American currency and took a field trip to Wal-Mart and downtown Fairfield to try out their newly acquired skills. They also visited the stores on Fairfield’s town square and had lunch at several restaurants in town. Evening and weekend activities included movie and game nights, a trip to Iowa City, and a picnic at Waterworks Park.

Maharishi School welcomes this year’s new students and is looking forward to learning about and appreciating all the new experiences and talents they have to share.



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