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Pioneer’s Win Invitational

The Maharishi boys tennis squad swept the Pioneer invitational, winning #1 & #2 singles as well as dominating both doubles flights. Maharishi I amassed a total of 150 points, Maharishi II team finished 2nd with 95 points, and Albia followed with 90 points. Davis County and Fairfield HS finished 4th and 5th.

Chandre Morales was the Player of the Match. The sophomore captured the #1 singles title with a dominating performance, winning 40 of a total of 44 games played. Solaris Nite finished 2nd.
"Chandre played as well as anyone has for us this spring," said Coach Briggs. "Chandre's just a sophomore, but he showed a lot of poise all day playing against the seniors. He had a nice balance of aggressive offense and heads-up defense." Solaris Nite finished just 2 games behind Morales. "Solaris has been consistent all season," explained Briggs, "but he caught Chandre on a day when everything was working for him."

In doubles, Sam Stickels and Avery Mulleneux edged their Maharishi teammates, Surya Sawhney and Girindra Selleck in a tightly contested match that saw Stickels and Mulleneux clinch the match with a 10-8 tiebreaker. According to the Pioneer coach, "All our guys get psyched for doubles. It doesn't matter who plays with whom, they go after one another every day in practice."

In the 2nd flight, Dave Fleshman captured the #2 singles and the duo of Dave Wadsworth and Caleb Mulleneux won the #2 doubles.

The Pioneers travel to Ottumwa on Monday.

Team Totals:
Maharishi School I: 150
Maharishi School II: 95
Albia: 90
Davis County: 49
Fairfield HS: 38



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