School News

Raise Cash, Skip the Gas!

Generous donors are willing to donate to Maharishi School to encourage our school families to walk, bike, scoot or jog to school. These donors want to
kick off this effort NOW and and continue through the end of the school year.

For each person (student, staff, faculty) making a car-free trip, the donors will give $3.75/person/day toward Maharishi School’s sustainability programs. And more donors may be recruited to increase this gift. Our aim is to earn over $5,000 that will support our sustainability-related programs!

Each morning, an adult with a clipboard will be stationed at the school entrance to keep track.

Between today and the last day of school (Friday, June 10), please make the effort to get to school and return home without your car.

Get exercise, help the earth, and earn money for Maharishi School!


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