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Skyping with Author Neil Klayman

The children in grades 3 to 6 had an opportunity last Friday to hold a Skype call with the author, Neil Klayman, and the illustrator, Barry Chung, of a delightful new children’s book: “Boris Ate a Thesaurus.” Mr. Klayman and Mr. Chung work for Hawthorne Direct in their Los Angeles office. They recently donated a copy of their book to our Lower School Library and invited us to Skype with them.
Our students were able to ask questions of both the author and illustrator to find out the source of their inspiration and to learn about what goes into creating a book. As an added bonus, the students also took paper and marker in hand and were led by Mr. Chung to create the main character, Boris.

As you look at the photographs, you can see the results of their efforts. Who knows? We may have an aspiring author or illustrator right here at Maharishi School! We again send our thanks to both Mr. Klayman and Mr. Chung.


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