School News

Student Accepted at Gelsey Kirkland Academy

Jaya Meuhlman, 11th grade daughter of Mac and Ellen Meuhlman,  has been accepted at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy in New York City for a 5-week summer intensive dance program. She has trained five years for this. This winter, she traveled to Chicago and auditioned for the summer intensive along with many other young dance students.

Gelsey Kirkland is most famous to the general public as being one of Baryshnikov's favorite partners. She still teaches at her Academy.

Gelsey Kirkland's mission is a little different from other classical ballet schools. Along with deep study of ballet technique, she wants the students to dance from their souls, to express themselves from deep within through story telling. 

"It is an example of the skill in action and nature support that comes from being immersed in Maharishi's programs," said Mac.



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