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The Minors MSAE Music Group CD Release and Concert June 4

Brand-new to the music scene, The Minors are excited to invite the community to their debut performance and release party for their album “Safe Space.” The band, made up of 11 Maharishi School students, will be on stage at Cafe Paradiso on Thursday evening, June 4th at 8 PM.

The Minors is a product of a music class at Maharishi School designed to take them through a professional music experience, from writing lyrics, to composing, to recording in the studio. Teacher and producer Miranda Mallard, of the band DAGMAR, is “very proud of what the students have created individually and through collaboration.” She was impressed by how “the songs on this album are raw, and have a lot of emotional depth and maturity.”

After a semester of learning the intricacies of how songs are constructed, the students were able to record a whopping eight tracks in a single day at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City. This was pianist and vocalist Kishan Thijm’s favorite part of the course.

Band member Dia Huggins mentioned that her favorite aspect was “getting to work with experienced musicians, because you can learn so much from people who’ve done it all before, and have been where you are.”

Local artists Eric Hurlin and Gemma Cohen volunteered their time to collaborate with the students; Hurlin even composed the piano accompaniment for the song Walk Away.

The folksy, soulful quality, the diversity, and the catchiness of the songs on the album are remarkable for novice musicians. It comes to show how far they’ve all come, and how far they could go in the future. See them now before they’re famous! Tickets are $10 for general admission and $8 for students, and it would be wise to buy them soon because this show is likely to sell out! 

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