2007/2008 Achievements in Academics

  • Minca Borg received the honor of distinction as a National Merit Scholar. Commended National Merit Scholars rank in the top 5% on PSAT/SAT exams of high school achievement, which are used by colleges to predict future success.
  • Benji Jones was named State of Iowa Scholar based on his academic achievements and performance on the ACT exam. Designated by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission, State of Iowa scholars represent Iowa's Academically Talented Students and rank in the upper 2% of their class.
  • Sheila Higgins was recognized by Iowa Governor Chet Culver with the Governor's Scholar Award, a joint effort among the Iowa High School Athletic Association, the Iowa Governor's Office and the Iowa Farm Bureau to honor students who are the highest academic achievers in their schools.
  • Ali Swigart receives the Citizenship Award from the Iowa State Bar Association. One student who has best shown qualities of good citizenship as reflected in day to day activities and has demonstrated full comprehension of what good citizenship means. This lawyer-sponsored Amercian Citizenship Award is presented to students who best demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the principles of American Citizenship. The recipient is an active worker and leader in an approved student activites and one who has proven to be reliable and ethical in all dealings.
  • Maharishi School students received five prizes at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair: Class I, Senior Physical (Cash Prize) to Matt Fleshman and Joseph Gelfand for Water Infiltration:Natural vs. Manufactured, Class II, Senior Physical (Cash Prize) and Alan B. Adams Meritorious Achievement (Cash Prize) to Raph Burne for Sound Insulation: What Materials Insulate Best in Different Climates?, and Honorable Mention, Senior Physical and Alan B. Adams Meritorious Achievement (Cash Prize) to Atreya Dey for Which is the Best De-Icer:Organic, Inorganic or a Combination of Both?
  • Maharishi School students received nine top awards at the Iowa State Science Fair 2008: Senior Best of Category Awards to Raph Burne in Engineering for his project Sound Insulation: What Materials Insulate Best in Different Climates? and Atreya Dey in Biochemistry for his project Which is the Best De-Icer:Organic, Inorganic or a Combination of Both?, Iowa Biotechnology Association Award ($2000 scholarship to any Iowa University or $1000 scholarship to any university outside of the state) to Atreya Dey, 2nd place Seminar Team Award to Joseph Gelfand and Matt Fleshman for their project Water Infiltration:Natural vs. Manufactured, Seminar Individual Awards to Atreya Dey (Physical, 2nd) and Raph Burne (Physical, 4th), American Chemical Society Award to Atreya Dey, Junior High Category Award to Pearl Sawhney (Physical, 3rd) for her project Can Vegetarianism Reduce Obesity?, Iowa State University College of Human Sciences Award ($2500 scholarship to study at the ISU College of Human Sciences) to Pearl Sawhney, Society for Science and the Public Middle School Program to Pearl Sawhney and the US Air Force Award also to Pearl Sawhney.
  • Six of our 7th grade history students were chosen to compete at the State Competition in Des Moines. District winners and their projects and categories are: Individual Documentary, Olin Knight, "Conflict Over the Destruction of Smallpox", Group Documentary, Chosie Titus and Rachel Hathaway, "Conflict and Compromise Over the Rightful Place of Wolves" and Megan Comey and Grace Fernyhough, "The Amistad - Conflicts and Compromises Over the Fight for Freedom."
  • Ryan Smelcer, an 8th grade student, wins the school-level competition of the National Geographic Bee competing against 15 other finalists from grades 5-8. This is the third year in a row that Ryan has won this competition.


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