Atreya Dey Presents Research at World Food Prize Youth Institute

Atreya Dey, Maharishi School junior, was one of 115 students invited to participate at the World Food Prize Youth Institute on Oct. 15 - 17, in Des Moines. Atreya presented research about ground water depletion in India. Based on his presentation, Atreya was one of 25 students invited to interview with Ambassador Kenneth Quinn for the Borlaug - Ruan International Internship in February. After doing one more year of dedicated work in this field, Atreya will be eligible for the internship. The prestigious Borlaug-Ruan International Internship provides high school students an all-expenses-paid, eight-week hands-on experience, working with world-renowned scientists and policymakers at leading research centers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


Sky Nite is Shining Bright

The following is an interview that spotlights Sky Nite, new Maharishi School student and Canadian National Youth Champion of Hip Hop.  Let's face it. When we... Read More »


Maharishi School Student Wins Top Mime Award

Maharishi School 10th-grader Essa Johnson won the Critics Choice banner, the top award, in the solo mime category at the annual Iowa High School Speech Association... Read More »

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