Maharishi School Students Place 4th at SE Iowa Science Superconference

Pearl Sawhney and Minna Mohammadi, sophomores at Maharishi School, placed fourth at the South East Iowa Science Superconference. Held in West Burlington, the SEISS was also attended by students from Central Lee, Holy Trinity, Illinois, Pekin, West Burlington, and Van Buren.

The title of Pearl and Minna's project is Farm Feeding Practices: Exploring Solutions for Environmental Sustainability. They researched the quality of farm feeds and linked that to the quality of water in the streams around Jefferson County, comparing the phosphate and biological oxygen demand (BOD) - (a measure of pollution) in streams adjacent to organic non-organic farms and confined animal feeding operations(CAFOs). Minna approached JFAN for support and was granted $360 to purchase research materials. The students collected water from 8 different locations in Jefferson County.

Pearl and Minna will present their science project at the Eastern Iowa Regional Science Fair and the Iowa State Science Fair later in March.


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