1. Q: Where is the School located?
    A: Maharishi School is located near Maharishi Vedic City on the campus of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, 50 miles west of the Mississippi River in the heartland of the central United States. The campus is situated on gently rolling hills, landscaped with trees, and surrounded by woods and fields. The air is pure and the environment is free from the stress and noise sometimes associated with urban life.
  2. Q: How do these cities differ from others in Iowa?
    A: Maharishi Vedic City is the most recently incorporated city in Iowa and is constructed completely in accord with Natural Law according to the knowledge of Vastu contained in the ancient texts of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda. Fairfield (population 12,000) is a vibrant, diverse community, with a high concentration of successful high-technology companies, a stable base of industry and agriculture, and a strong cultural and artistic community. In less than 20 minutes, students can walk to the town square.
  3. Q: Is the school neighborhood safe?
    A: The state of Iowa is usually ranked first or second in the nation in quality of life - as measured by objective criteria such as crime rates, accident rates, and drug problems. The School is located in a low crime area in a low crime state. Students enjoy a secure and supportive campus environment, where student life is fun-filled and dynamic - with a wide range of sports, clubs, extracurricular and cultural activities.
  4. Q: And what about the safety in the school itself?
    A: Maharishi School students are healthy and vital, and spontaneously avoid most of the activities that cause problems and suffering at other schools. As a result, Maharishi School is virtually free of the problems of crime, drugs, and alcohol.
  5. Q: What about lunch?
    A: Day students are encouraged to eat with their families at lunch time which lasts at least one full hour. Many families dine at home. For boarding students, and those who are unable to eat at home, the School offers a wide array of vegetarian fare created from almost entirely organic ingredients. Many vegetables are hand-picked from organic gardens, and pastries are rolled from organic flour. Even the pizza has mostly organic ingredients. Chefs prepare diverse nutritious dishes from scratch using fresh, non-processed foods.
  6. Q: Does your school have any religious affiliation?
    A: Maharishi School is non-denominational. We have students from every major religion.
  7. Q: Who is Maharishi and what is his connection to your School?
    A: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the founder of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment and Maharishi University of Management and is widely regarded as the world's foremost scientist in the field of consciousness. His Transcendental Meditation® technique, which has been taught in all parts of the world since 1958, is the most widely practiced and extensively researched program of self-development in the world. Maharishi currently resides in The Netherlands. He has visited our campus in Fairfield five times, most recently in 1984.



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