Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, who introduced the Transcendental Meditation program to the world 44 years ago and opened the gateway of enlightenment to millions of people.

“If we look into the process of gaining knowledge we find there are two sides to knowledge: the object of knowledge, that which we seek to know, and the subject of knowledge, the knower. What the present system of education provides is knowledge of the object; what it misses is knowledge of the subject, knowledge of the knower in the knower’s infinite capacity. When the knower is ignorant about the Self, the whole structure of knowledge is as if baseless.

“Education at Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi School enlivens in every student’s awareness the common basis of knower and known, the Unified Field of Natural Law. Every part of knowledge is connected with the whole discipline, and the whole discipline with the Unified Field of Natural Law, which students experience directly as the deepest level of their own intelligence during the practice of my Transcendental Meditation program.

“As a result of this educational approach, students grow in the awareness that all streams of knowledge are but modes of their own intelligence. They come to feel at home with everyone and everything. Their creative genius blossoms with increasing confidence and self-sufficiency. They cease to violate Natural Law, and grow in the ability to accomplish anything and spontaneously to think and act free from mistakes — the fruit of all knowledge.”


"I experience that the growth in consciousness resulting from the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program positively effects my daily life. I'm more alert, blissful, and I can more effortlessly comprehend the relationship of myself to what I'm learning."

"My experience with Consciousness-Based education has given me a craving for knowledge. It is very fulfilling to be at a school where creativity and intelligence increase. The process of learning here is very enjoyable and evolutionary."

"At other schools students only study the objects of knowledge which are the various academic subjects. At Maharishi School we discover more of who we are to comprehend both ourselves and our relation to the objects."




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