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Dr.Ashley Deans, the director of Maharishi School, offers solutions to the problems in education on a regular basis at his weblog.

Dear Visitor,

I hope you are enjoying the Maharishi School website. On this site you will find the solution to the current problems in education: we call it Consciousness-Based education.

There is a fatal flaw in the educational system prevalent today. A number of top brain researchers are reporting that rather than fully developing our children for success in life, modern education is actually damaging the brains of our children. The pressures and stresses a child faces as he or she navigates the often treacherous corridors of student life, from elementary school through university graduate programs, can inhibit the development of a still-developing brain, thereby not only stifling a student's innate inner genius and natural thirst for knowledge, but also giving rise to a wide range of learning and behavioral problems.

At Maharishi School we have the answer to this fundamental problem. The answer lies not in new teaching methods or medications to sedate the brain. The solution is the Transcendental Meditation technique and Consciousness-Based education to wake up the brain, to develop the student's full creative potential.

This is evident not only from the hundreds of published scientific studies reporting benefits in all areas of student life, but also from the extraordinary record of achievements both here at Maharishi School and at schools throughout the country and around the world that have incorporated this innovative approach into their curricula.

The fact is, Consciousness-Based education produces unprecedented educational outcomes--in academics, in the arts, in creative problem solving, in sports, and in the development of good citizenship. For example, here at Maharishi School classes consistently score in the top one percent on national standardized tests, and the school has won over 100 state, national, and international championships in the past decade.

With open enrollment, admitting students with a variety of backgrounds and abilities, we are pioneering new principles of education that offer a simple, practical solution to the widespread problems facing education today. Schools across the nation are now adopting our innovative approach.

I invite you to visit Maharishi School and to see for yourself how we are preparing our own students for a bright future and helping other schools to incorporate Consciousness-Based education to ensure a bright future for all children everywhere.


Ashley Deans, Ph.D

These ancient technologies of consciousness–the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, including Yogic Flying–brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, have been validated by over 600 studies conducted at more than 200 universities and research institutes in more than 30 countries.

Studies show these technologies promote the growth of holistic brain functioning, increased intelligence, enhanced academic performance, decreased stress and anxiety, better health, improved interpersonal relations, decreased antisocial behavior, reduced drug and alcohol use, and fewer incidents of crime, violence, and war.

At Maharishi School we have been using these technologies of consciousness for over twenty-five years, and each day I marvel at how our students excel. In addition to outstanding academic and citizenship achievements, they have won hundreds of state, national, and international competitions in science, mathematics, creativity, art, speech, drama, music, poetry, literature, history, photography, and sports.

Visitors to Maharishi School from around the world invariably comment on the atmosphere of peace and dynamic creativity that pervades the whole environment. Our students radiate health and happiness, and they spontaneously behave toward others in a nourishing, life-supporting manner.

It is a pleasure to invite you to visit our school here in Fairfield. You can discuss our school programs with our faculty and visit the classrooms and the beautiful campus. If you make the choice to send your son or daughter to Maharishi School you will have given him or her a great gift an education which unfolds full creative potential in a safe, supportive environment. This education will be the foundation for a lifetime.

Yours sincerely,

Ashley Deans, Ph.D.
School Head

We are a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, and are accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States and the state of Iowa.

We are located on the campus of Maharishi University of Management, with students from over 50 countries, and which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.



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