The purpose of the Early Childhood Program at Maharishi School is to create the stable foundation for all-future learning and educational success. The early childhood curriculum is designed to enliven the children's experience of inner happiness and self-confidence, enrich their imagination, and provide varied opportunities for positive social interaction. The teachers carefully select those learning materials and activities, which refine and enliven the five senses in the context of a rich curriculum. A tender bond is established between the teacher and children which nourishes the young children in their first school experience. On this basis the child's receptivity to learning is established.

The curriculum is unique in the world. The Science of Creative Intelligence program is integrated into all areas of the young child's daily activities. The goal is to enliven the children's appreciation of the wonder of life, and to allow the child to enjoy and appreciate principles of SCI in a very concrete way. Play-oriented activities including songs, stories, nature study, cooking, art, and sport are some of the vehicles, through which the SCI principles are enlivened.

Preschool and Child Care are available for children 2-5. Preschool hours are 9:20-11:50am and Child Care hours are 1-4:45pm Monday through Friday. For further information please contact Nancy Schill at 641-472-9400 #5100.



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