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Resource Support

One of the goals of Maharishi School is to nourish the full potential, or creative intelligence, of every student. To address this goal, the Lower School offers a Resource Program which supports the role of the classroom teacher. Part of this program is the Nourishing Creative Intelligence (NCI) Committee, which offers a holistic approach to addressing any lack of happiness or success that may arise in the student’s life at school.

The purpose of the NCI Committee is to recognize, assess, and address the needs of individual students who may require additional support. The committee consists of the principal, guidance counselor, consulting Maharishi Vedic Approach to HealthSM physicians, the child’s classroom teacher, and the child’s parents. Through a team of specialists and the parents working with an individual student, learning potential is increased and greater balance and happiness is restored.

For information about the Lower School curriculum, please see Curriculum K-6.