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Senior Trip

The high point of the senior year for the twelfth grade boys and girls is their traditional spring time Senior Trip. In the past they have visited the international headquarters of the Transcendental Meditation Movement at Maharishi European Research University in Holland. In the week of this visit, there are field trips to experience something of Europe, for example visiting art galleries in Amsterdam, riding on the canals, and visiting local historic towns in Germany.

In 2004, the trip was a week in Hawaii, staying on a beautiful organic farm overlooking the ocean. As well as swimming, snorkeling, whale watching, and hiking, the students have morning classes for going deeply into all aspects of the knowledge of consciousness they have been studying in school. They also continue their daily routine of yoga asanas and meditation in beautiful surroundings.

Special Adventures

At the beginning of each school year, the whole Girls’ School, grades seven to twelve, travel to Camp Hantesa in northern Iowa for a three day camp. This is a very enjoyable way to bring everyone together and strengthen old and new friendships between the girls of all ages.

Group activities are done in multi-age groups so that the new seventh graders get to know and enjoy the various activities with older girls. In this way they quickly make the transition from the Lower School to Middle School. The girls live in comfortable dormitories with their own grade chaperoned by a teacher.

Activities include canoeing, archery, team games, and hiking with an evening camp fire and songs.  This has become a tradition in the Girls’ School and is a memorable adventure for the beginning of each school year.

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