Lower School Language Arts

Lower School Language Arts

In kindergarten, language is explored through experiences with song, poetry, and literature, and students begin to connect sound to the printed word. In the primary grades (1st/2nd) students begin to connect sounds and letters to create words, thus applying meaning to language. Through daily journal writing, recognizing word families, acting out short plays, poetry recitation, oral reports, shared story webbing, and engaging in literature groups, students become more self-sufficient, confident readers. Through reviewing their own writing, students practice grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills.

In the intermediate grades (3rd/4th), greater precision in language usage is acquired. Students read not just for pleasure, but also to gain information. Creative writing expands to include plays, reports, letters, and poetry. At this age, fluency and productivity increase and students develop an appreciation of narrative prose by recognizing the different viewpoints and values expressed.

In the upper grades (5th/6th), students develop more confidence in writing and speaking to a general audience by presenting impromptu speeches, dramatic recitations, scientific reports, and research papers. By the end of Lower School, students have confidence and poise in speaking; they enjoy their own creativity in writing, and demonstrate insight into common universal themes of literature.

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