Lower School Music

Joy in Music

The goal of music education in the Lower School is the creation of comfort and joy in music for the students, as well as a love for and appreciation of all aspects of musical creation—singing, composing, and making music.  Beginning songs will be specifically geared to develop and train young voices, while learning songs that reinforce cultural heritage and academic curriculum from other subjects. Once songs have been learned, we will be able to infuse instrument discovery, basic music theory (music notation and not reading), and basics of music history.

 It is also an important goal to discover and welcome as many different and diverse musical performers, teachers and experiences to our students as time will allow.

Music is not elite. It has no boundaries or discretion. It is everywhere, beyond what we can comprehend and imagine. Music has no words unless we as humans add them, and can be found effortlessly in nature or structured with instruments and musical notation. As such an integral part of the human experience, it is vital to expose every child to this phenomenon, giving them whatever tools necessary to learn, develop, and grow within its experience.

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