Middle School Art

Ceramics, Woodcarving, and Photography

The ceramics course provides an in-depth experience in traditional hand-building ceramic methods. It provides understanding of clay, glaze, and firing procedures and technologies. Students learn ceramic studio health and safety procedures.

The students gain increasing artistic sensibility through knowledge and application of design as it applies to ceramics, and they begin to understand three-dimensionality and form.

In the beginners’ woodcarving course, the students develop skills in proper use of woodworking hand tools. They develop technical skills for carving, filing, and sanding, and learn how to work one-pointedly on a long-term project.

In the photography class students capture and embody principles of design in a 2-D photograph. They learn how to take photographs that are creative, dynamic, and holistic, and how to see, understand, and interpret visual information as a photographer. Over the years our students have participated in many state and international photographic competitions, winning frequently in the top three places of their category.


Maharishi School student meets with Senator Grassley

Published in the Fairfield Ledger Aug 09, 2011  WASHINGTON, D.C. — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley recently met with Maharishi School senior Atreya Dey of Fairfield, who... 
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Atreya Dey Wins at INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair

Maharishi School senior, Atreya Dey, placed 4th in the Environmental Management category, and won $500, at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.... 
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