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Academic & Science Achievements

  • Maharishi Upper School students again scored in the 99th percentile in the Iowa Test of Educational Development this year, both nationally and in Iowa. This is the sixth year in a row that we have accomplished this.
  • Three of our seniors have been named Commended Scholars in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. This brings our all-time total of students recognized in this competition to 45.

  • Almost 90 people from Fairfield, N. Carolina, some from Israel, and even from New Zealand participated in a recent study that was done by an 8th grade boy Sheer-El Cohen for his Science Fair project. The title: "Will Maharishi Vedic Architecture Improve Your Well-Being?". Subjects were asked to compare qualities of general well-being before and after moving into a Maharishi Vedic Architecture (MVA) building from a non-MVA building. Some of the findings were:
    Better quality of sleep 78%
    More energy during the day 78%
    When coming back home get recharged quicker 90%
    More happiness in life 91%
    Mind is clearer 93%
    More efficient while working 81%
    More relaxed 91%
    Satisfied with moving to MVA 100%

  • At the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair, Senior Division, a Maharishi School student won first place and went on to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Detroit. At the Junior Division fair, all 20 Maharishi School students who entered the competition won awards. Of the 15 first-place awards, 9 were won by Maharishi School students.
  • At the state History Fair, a Maharishi School student placed first in the Individual Documentary category.
  • At the Math Counts Regional Competition, a team of four eighth-grade students won first place in the team division and a Maharishi School student won the individual competition.
  • At the State Academic Decathlon, Maharishi School students placed first and third overall in the honors division (the highest ranking division). The student who placed first will be on a team representing Iowa at the "Panasonic Challenge" in Florida in June.
  • Maharishi School Science Grant - by Freeda Brooks, 10th grade. Last April, Cathy Montgomery received a $5,000 grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust Fund to improve the Lower School science program at Maharishi School. The funds from this two-year grant will provide each of the Lower School classes with two science kits and will pay for science education specialists to train Lower School teachers in specific science skills. This is the highest level of funding given by the Carver Fund.
  • Maharishi School Student Prevents Safety Hazard - by Sara Posner, 10th grade. "Variation in Surface Temperature Using Different Types of Aluminum Cladding in Industrial Insulation Applications" was the title of student Michelle Punj's science fair project, which placed first at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair competition in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last spring. This topic, inspired by her father, the president of an industrial insulation contract company, led her to some very interesting discoveries.
Michelle's purpose was to find out which kind of aluminum cladding material had the highest emissivity rate, to provide the most efficient way to clad a pipe or vessel. Emissivity rate is the amount of heat emitted from an object. Michelle used several different types of aluminum cladding and a hot plate to act as the inside of a power plant.

After performing this experiment, Michelle concluded that the research that had been proven was incorrect. Her experiment showed that the information the manufacturers had given out was inaccurate and they were actually withholding valuable information. The higher emissivity rates that were produced from aluminum cladding with paper backing could be harmful and dangerous to workers and people exposed to power plants.

The companies that make this insulation have heard of this project and are now contacting Michele to give her other products to test.

At the state science fair she received an award from Alliant Energy for scientific excellence. She went on to compete at the Intel International Science Fair in Detroit, Michigan, accompanied by her chemistry teacher, Leslie Seal. She received the science achievement award from the United States Navy for her keen interest in exploration, superior understanding of science and drive to excel. Michelle also received an award from NACE International - the Corrosion Society "Certificate of Merit" for excellence in projects influencing corrosion awareness and control.
Congratulations Michelle, on this outstanding project!
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