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  • End School Violence Now - Interview with 10th-grader Elsa Backstrom

    1. What do like most about the Maharishi School?
    I like the loving and nurturing environment. Each teacher and student has every other student in mind. We all love and care for each other. I feel a deep gratitude and connection with the school and everyone involved in it for helping me feel comfortable within myself.

    2. If you could get a message to all the parents in the U.S., what would you say?
    This is the time to learn from the past so we can create a more livable future. As Martin Luther King said, " The choice is no longer violence, or nonviolence, it is nonviolence or nonexistance." It is important that in the future we learn to live in a peaceful and harmonious environment. But before we can learn to live it, we must create it, and the only scientifically proven means of doing this is the Transcendental Meditation program.

    3. Elsa, tell us why you have had the desire to participate in the ESVN organization?
    I originally joined ESVN because I wanted to travel. I have continued because I feel I'm making a difference in helping to increase public awareness about a program that really works. As an organization we aim to change the world on both a local and global level. We do this by talking about the TM program and representing the school. We try to eliminate misunderstandings about the TM program. We give presentations, make press packets, brochures, and all sorts of things. It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun too.

    4. You were one of the 4 students chosen to go to New York and speak at the United Nations this April. Please tell us about your experience.
    The experience was a total success. It was an inspiration. We finally got to meet other students who were searching for answers and were able to offer our scientifically validated solutions. The other students there were very intelligent and talented and it was a very unifying experience. The ESVN organization was received really positively and the entire trip was fun.

    5. What would you say to the Secretary of Education for the US if he asked you how to solve the current problems of education?
    Whoa, that's an interesting question. I would say that the Transcendental Meditation program is the closest you are going to get to solving the problems in education because it empowers the individual and helps people face life better. I would also say that I think smaller schools help, while gun control creates more fear.

    6. Any closing remarks?
    The Transcendental Meditation program really works. It has helped me face a lot of different issues in my life. It's really true that "it takes a village to raise a child," but we need to start in our own homes and in our own schools.

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