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Maharishi School has a well-established sports program for both boys and girls.

Students are encouraged to participate in sports from their first days at Maharishi School and the Lower School Enrichment Program includes camps that provide mentoring from varsity coaches, who have been honored in recent years with with Coach of the Year awards in basketeball, volleyball, tennis, cross country and soccer.

Everyone interested in a sport is welcome on the Middle and Upper School teams. Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Freshman/Sophomore teams provide a challenge for every level of skill. Our sports teams have enjoyed great success over the years. The Pioneers have broken state records in soccer and track and have earned the first back-to-back triple crown in Iowa tennis history. The key to our success is the enjoyment the students have in the sport. Maharishi School fans have also been honored in the newspapers for their sports spirit by opponents and also by the referees, who have preseneted the Sportmanship, Ethics, and Integrity award to the School several times.

Fall sports include Volleyball (Girls) , Soccer (Boys), and Cross Country.

Volleyball7.2002 Soccer Team

Winter is devoted to Basketball Girls and Boys,(JH, F/S, and Varsity)

Basketball DefenseCheerleaders

In Spring, Tennis, golf, and track allow students to go outside to enjoy the good weather.

Michelle Punj: Class 1A Girls State Singles Tennis Champion

Click on sport for Schedule, Scores and Latest News. Volleyball is now posted. Soccer will be in a day or two.

Volleyball Girls Varsity-2004

Basketball Girls Varsity- Scores-2004/05 Farifield Ledger Article-Feb-2-14-05

Ledger Article on the game-2-25-05.
Basketball Boys Varsity - Scores-2004-05

Soccer Boys Varsity-2004

Golf Boys 2005 Second at District
Fairfield Ledger Article on Golf State Tournament2004
Tennis Boys Varsity-Scores-2005
Tennis Girls Varsity-Scores-2005
Golf Boys Varsity-Scores-2005
Golf Boys Varsity Report-May/4/04
Golf Boys Varsity District Tournament-2004
Varsity Girls Tennis team going to State-5/26/04
Varsity Girls Tennis Third at State-2004




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