Each year Maharishi School Middle and Upper School students participate in the National History Day competition rounds, which take place on the regional, state, and national level.

In the last ten years, our students have won countless regional awards, and over a dozen state awards including seven first place awards. The School has won recognition at National History Day including two Judge's Choice Awards, one Superior rating, one Outstanding Project Award, and one Second Place award, which went to a student who did his project on "Jacques Cousteau, Pioneer of the Sea." He got a personal interview with Jacques Cousteau's son while he was preparing his project.

This year's history theme was, "Revolution, Reaction, Reform" in history. Seven Maharishi School students won awards for their projects at Districts and went on to the State competition. *Atish Dey, (picture) won two awards for his project on Penecillin: the Excellence in Balanced Research Award and the Science and Technology Award.




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