Parents' Memo: February 6, 2004

"Not only does the state of fully developed Creative Intelligence fulfill the overall purpose of man's craving for greater happiness, it also brings the mind naturally to the highest degree of mental development. It brings an individual to a state where, by virtue of a high development of mental strength and harmony with the laws of nature, he finds that his thoughts naturally become fulfilled without much effort on his part. An individual in this state has given such a natural pattern to his existence, that he enjoys the full support of nature for life. He is in direct attunement with the field of pure Creative Intelligence, which forms the basis of all the laws of nature."-Maharishi


During last Friday's Lower School Assembly, all students in grades 1-6 made beautiful, colored origami peace cranes. This Service Learning Project was inspired by Ms. Zmachinsky's 5th grade girls, who had been thinking about how they could help to bring 500 Pandits to Fairfield. A Service Learning Project is an activity in which knowledge and skills learned in school are used to serve the community. The origami birds will be sold at the Friday Art Walk in March, at Wintermoon Pottery and on the second floor of the Crest Jewel building, and all proceeds will go to the Pandit project. The 5th grade girls introduced the Assembly, emphasizing the importance of bringing the Vedic scholars to Fairfield to help create world peace through their chanting and Vedic Yagya performances. The girls read beautiful poems and stories, which they had written, and everyone had a delightful time creating the origami birds. If you would like to see photos of the assembly, please go to the school website, click on "Site Map" at the bottom of the page, then go to "Links" and find "Parent Memo", and view the parent memo online.
The Friday Assembly began, as always, with selected students being given Special Recognition Awards, which had been nominated by the teachers. Award recipients on January 30th were: Brandon Prather-Huff and Alexander Hauptman from the Primary boys class; Megan Comey, Nissim Halfon and Dillon Evertsen from the Intermediate class; 5th grader Jhana Valentine; and 6th grader Gabrielle Hathaway. From the 5th/6th grade boys class, Matt Fleshman was recognized for coming in 3rd in the RegionaSpelling Bee. Eric Caplan was 1st runner-up in the National Geographic Geography Bee, and Joseph Gelfand, Mike Magee and Atreya Dey were honored for their participation.
Congratulations to everyone!



Second Semester, 2003-04
We are happy to continue offering knowledge meetings that give parents the opportunity to discuss parenting issues in the light of Maharishi's knowledge. Because we learn so much from each other, we encourage parents to share what works with their children. By sharing knowledge and keeping it lively, we hope to provide a means for greater communication and coherence between home and school. All meetings are for parents of children in grades K-12. The third meeting of this semester will be:
MATH", Presented by Dr. Ashley Deans
Wednesday, February 11th.
Lower School Library, 7:30 p.m.
At Maharishi School, young students are taught Vedic Math, which makes the learning of computational skills easy and fun. As they get older, students explore deeper mathematical concepts and experience increased brain coherence as they perform mathematical operations.
Our new homework policy encourages parental attention and involvement, but if parents are not familiar with Vedic Math, involvement is limited. By attending this 2-part series, not only will you be able to support your child with their homework, but you, too, will find math more enjoyable as your brain becomes more orderly.


Several grades in Maharishi Lower School entered a contest called, "Kids Philosophy Slam". This national educational event is designed to make philosophy accessible to young people, whether they create artwork or write an essay. This year's topic is: "Is World Peace Possible or Does Human Nature Make War Inevitable?" Children of all ages are encouraged to explore the idea of human nature and peace.
We would like to share a few of our students' wonderful entries:

Swimming in peace,
Swimming in light,
Swimming in bliss,
This is where I want to be.

Flying in the sky,
Flying in the earth,
Flying in the universe,
This is where I want to be.

Walking on air,
Walking on earth,
Walking on clouds,
This is where I want to be.

A world without war,
A world without fight,
A world without hatred,

This is where I want to be.

A world with love,
A world with joy,
A world with meditation,
This is where I want to be.

A world with you,
A world with me,
A world with all,
This is where I want to be.
by Auriel Jones, grade 5

Do we really want war? Or do we want peace? I want peace. Sometimes one little voice can be the loudest of them all. So please listen. It is very important that we grow up in a peaceful world. We need everyone to accept the fact that we are all different and unique. We don't have to live in a world of unhappiness. Peace begins with yourself, so why not make it happen?
by Lila Cutter, grade 5

by 5th/6th grade boys
World peace is hard to get
It comes with no regret
We should have peace
So says Maurice
War is a big giant threat! - Jay Stewart, Wesley Folz

Peace is very nice
It is like a sweet, sweet spice
war is no fun
You might get shot with a gun
Definitely take my advice. - Alden Rowe, Toby Walker

War is not right, just not right
It's just so unhealthy to fight.
So let's all meditate,

When peace comes, celebrate,
Knowledge gives us the might. - Atreya Dey, Dominic Borg

Peace is surely divine.
It makes people happy and kind.
When the pandits create
A sweet peaceful state,
Then the world will surely shine.
- Matt Fleshman, Vegard Joergensen


Saturday, February 7th, twenty-eight pioneering students from Maharishi Upper and Middle Schools join forces to compete in Ottumwa High School in the Iowa High School State Speech Association Large Group Competition. Our entries this year are very entertaining, fun and ambitious. We are creating a humorous Readers' Theatre piece-drawn from P. G. Wodehouse's "Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court". Also in the works are a lively and comic one-man/twelve character play, "Fully Committed", about a telephone reservationist at a swank New York restaurant (which was a hit in New York and regionally), an exuberant Musical Theatre entry, "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," an exciting new Choral Reading, "Now, Voyager"-filled with gorgeous poetry, a cappella music and unexpected delights, and three new cinematic, creative Group Mimes- "The Pirate King's 67th Birthday", "Invasion of the Bird Women of Mars" and "Indiana Jones and the Jewel of the Congo".
We heartily invite you to a very full evening of talented students in our Theatre Cavalcade February 13th, 14th, 27th, 28th, March 6th, 12th and 13th in Spayde Theatre at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at the At Home Store and at the door.
You are also most welcome to join us in Ottumwa. The competition begins at 8:00 a.m., and we are school number 57. Check for the time of all events and arrive early, as they frequently perform prior to the posted times.

I think it would be useful to review the sledding guidelines
outlined in the Student and Parent Handbook.
³To ensure proper safety the School does not approve of unsupervised
sledding on the slopes on campus. The steeper slope (southeast slope closest
to the utility pole) which feeds into the turn-around by the Field House is
not to be used by children for sledding under any circumstances. Sledding on
School property outside of school hours can be dangerous, particularly if
done on an unapproved slope or by a child who is not in control. During
school hours supervised sledding is allowed on the slope closest to the
Lower School. If a supervised sledding party has been planned by a teacher,
students are required to leave sleds in their classroom and not in the
hallway or outside.
Teachers will take students sledding only once or twice during the year.
Students must be properly attired, otherwise they will not be allowed to
participate. Proper attire includes a warm jacket, snow pants/suit, boots,
gloves, scarf, and a hat. Students will only be allowed to sled if the wind
chill factor is above 15 degrees.
Students in grades K­6 are not allowed to use snowboards on campus. Students
in grades 7­12 are not allowed to use snowboards on campus, except as part
of a teacher supervised class activity. In addition, it is the policy of the
School that there is no throwing of snowballs on campus.²


by Tracy Liptak (We thought it would be fun to print this again!)
Children's enthusiasm for Valentine's day is an inspiration. It's a perfect opportunity to show the people we care about how we feel, to give generously, happily and playfully. From breakfast in bed to a tea party to a surprise basket of cookies, it's a day to enjoy the magic of love. Once again, we can treat our children joyfully and richly with food that is good for them at every level because it is organic and made with care.
A special breakfast could include organic strawberries with Radiance Dairy cream whipped with a little organic sugar and rose water, Ruby Tea Bisquits (or heart shaped pancakes), and chai. Any of these treats could also be served at tea, offered on your best china, along with tea sandwiches made with organic bread cut using a heart or flower shaped cookie cutter. Favorites include organic tomato "hearts" (with or without basil), Organic Valley cream cheese "flowers" with olives, and the classic cucumber sandwich with mint. Peppermint tea would be nice. Cascadian Farm's organic strawberry lemonade is a pretty pink drink for those who prefer something cool. Marzipan roses (made with the incredible organic marzipan available at Everybody's) would be beautiful on a plate of strawberries. Linzer Heart Tart cookies or Shortbread Hearts would be a sweet ending. More cookies could fill baskets (perhaps lined with doilies and decorated with ribbons). No boy would mind a Valentine like that!
This is a nice opportunity to nourish your child's understanding of the importance of honoring their teachers, too. They love our children so much day in and day out, as they share the world's most precious knowledge with them. How important it is for us all to remember to give back what we can to those who give the most to us.
It's also magical for a child to give a cookie basket or some other treat to someone who absolutely wouldn't be expecting a Valentine-it could even change a life!
Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day-and before bed, how about warm organic milk with Maharishi Ayurveda rose petal jam?
Ruby Tea Bisquits
Preheat oven to 450.
Sift together:
1 1/2 cups organic flour
1 TB organic sugar
1/2 t. salt
3/4 t baking soda
scant 2 t. cream of tartar
Cut in 6 TB chilled organic butter.
Add 3/4 cup of organic milk or cream and stir to blend. (This can all be done easily in a food processor)
Knead gently and quickly. Roll out 1/4" thick. Cut out the bisquits with a floured 2" round cutter. Lift half the circles onto an ungreased baking sheet. Cut a hole in the center of the remaining bisquits with a 1" cutter. Lift out the centers with a spatula and set aside. Place the rings on top of the circles. Carefully fill the middle of each ring with 1/2 t. of organic red jam (strawberry, cherry, or raspberry). Bake for 12-15 minutes, until the bisquits are puffed and lightly golden. Bake the centers for 10-12 minutes.
4 cups water
10 whole cloves
12 cardamom pods
12 whole peppercorns
2 sticks cinnamon
4 slices of ginger
1 cup organic milk
organic sugar
Bring water, spices and ginger to a boil and simmer 15-20 minutes. Add milk and bring to a boil. Strain and add organic sugar to taste.
Linzer Heart Tart Cookies
3/4 lb. unsalted organic butter
1 cup organic sugar
2 cups organic flour
1 cup organic cornstarch
2 cups finely grated walnuts or pecans
1/2 cup organic raspberry preserves
Cream butter and sugar. Sift in flour and cornstarch and add nuts. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill at least four hours.
Roll dough out to 1/4". Using a small heart cutter, cut out cookies. Chill 45 minutes. Bake at 325 for 10-15 minutes. Spread half with jam and top with the other half.

Shortbread Hearts
1 lb. organic unsalted butter, softened
1 1/3 cups organic sugar
4 cups sifted organic flour
1/2 t. salt
2/4 t. organic vanilla
Cream butter and sugar. Add vanilla. Sift flour, salt and sugar together and add to butter

mixture. Wrap in plastic and chill 4-6 hours. Roll out and cut with heart shaped cutters. Chill. Bake at 325 for about 20 minutes. Cool on rack. These can be decorated if desired.


  • "Jonathan Livingston Seagull": Mrs. Lynch is looking for copies of this book. If you have a copy that you can loan or donate to her class, please call the Lower School office at 472-9400, x1174
  • Lunchtime policy: According to the Student and Parent Handbook, all students who are not part of our supervised lunch program may return to School no earlier than 12:55 pm. They should proceed directly to their classrooms and begin their silent reading program. Lower School students may not go to the M.U.M. Bookstore unless they are accompanied by an adult. Parents, your cooperation is really needed in this area, as too many students are returning too early from lunch and are unsupervised. Thank you.
  • Maharishi School Website: Please visit our new and improved Maharishi School Website at Check out the Parent Memo online with many fun photographs of students' activities: click on "Site Map" at the bottom of the page, on the bottom of that page find "Links", under "Links" click on "Parent Memo".
  • Name/Address/Phone Changes: If you have recently made a change, please inform the Lower School office at 472-9400, x1174 so we have the most up-to-date information.
  • Basketball Punch Passes for ten games are available for purchase in the Athletic Department or at the door at a cost of $25 per pass. This price applies to all faculty, staff and students.
  • Basketball Games: Please remember that Lower School
    students attending basketball games at the Field House need
    to be supervised by an adult at all times!
  • Calendars for Sale: Maharishi School senior class has produced a beautiful and elegant 2004 calendar featuring photography and artwork by members of that class. Calendars are available for $10. All proceeds go toward funding the proposed senior trip to Vlodrop. Calendars are available through the Upper School office. People find that these items make wonderful gifts.
  • If the Weather is Looking Bad: Please tune your radio to KMCD 1570 AM, KIIK 95.9 FM, or KHOE 90.5 FM to listen for school closings. Also, announcements for weather cancellations will be available on the website Please do not call the radio station
    or the School.

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