Parents' Memo: February 13, 2004

"Knowledge always has a purpose. The purpose of knowledge is effective action. The purpose of effective action is achievement; the goal of achievement is fulfillment. So the purpose of knowledge is ultimately the fulfillment of the knower."-Maharishi

Important Notice: If during bad weather conditions the radio or the website announce a one hour delay for Maharishi School, it refers to the Middle and Upper School only. Lower School begins as usual at 9:30 a.m. The students in Middle and Upper School normally arrive in school at 8:20 a.m. for morning program.


Lots of fun in the snow this week!!!


We have had another week of fun and academics. With tomorrow being Valentine's Day, the School was filled all week with creative classroom activities in preparation for this day. It's always joyful to celebrate the holiday of love, and show our appreciation for family and friends.
All the children crafted little gifts, Valentine cards or mailboxes for their friends. Some classes had parties or other festive activities. Everyone enjoyed the day, exchanging Valentines, treats and good wishes.


During last Friday's Lower School Assembly, the children enjoyed a lively visit from Mr. Ray Svendson from Reader's Digest. He introduced a Magazine Drive fundraising program to the children and offered them the possibility of great prizes to enliven their enthusiasm.
The Friday Assembly began, as always, with selected students being given Special Recognition Awards, which had been nominated by their teachers. Award recipients on February 6th were: Mickey DeAngelis and David Fleshman from the Primary Boys class; and Anna Brett, Raffi Gelfand and Paul DeAngelis from the Intermediate classes.
Congratulations to everyone!


Magazine Fundraiser
Thank you for your participation in our latest fundraising
efforts. The program sponsored through Reader's Digest by Books Are Fun offers a tremendous opportunity to subscribe to a large selection of magazines and gives the school 40% of the proceeds. Names and addresses provided by the children will be used only for this one magazine drive and are never entered into the Reader's Digest database. Forty percent of any magazine sales inspired by your child will go toward your fundraising requirement. Thank you for your continued support!


Floating & Flying Through History
Twelve beautiful watercolor illustrations by artist Lynne Marshall, depicting saints and sages in their experience of flying or floating in the air, are currently on display at Maharishi School, in the art case across from the Assembly Hall. These illustrations are from the forthcoming book: The Complete Book of Yogic Flying by Craig Pearson, PH.D, Executive Vice President of Maharishi University of Management. The book provides intellectual understanding of the experience of flying, scientific research into its mechanics, and profound benefits that result from the practice - particularly the possibility for creating world peace - and stories of some of the many people throughout history who have had the ability to float or fly through the air.
According to Marshall, "My task was to demonstrate in the paintings that which is common to all these historic experiences." Maharishi, the foremost proponent of yogic flying for world peace, identifies that commonality as "effortlessness, lightness of body and unbounded awareness, irrespective of the era or culture in which it occurred."
"Individuals reputed to have been able to float and fly are, in almost every case, regarded as the most highly developed in their culture - the saints of Europe, the yogis of India, the arahants of east Asia, the clever men of Australia. Floating and flying are invariably associated with advanced human development."-Quote from the book.
The Complete Book of Yogic Flying is due to be released soon.
This enlightened exhibit is kindly on loan to our school until February 23rd. Please be sure to come by and view it before then!
The school is interested in pursuing the possibility of obtaining this complete set as a permanent exhibit for our students to enjoy daily. Please talk with Mrs. Bordow if you would like to help make that desire a reality. Individual prints are also available for purchase.

A few of Lynn's delightful paintings.


Twenty-eight Middle and Upper School students of Maharishi School are participating in the Iowa High School State Speech Association Large Group Competition under the direction of Rodney Franz. The entries this year are very entertaining, fun and ambitious. The students are creating a humorous Readers' Theatre piece-drawn from P. G. Wodehouse's "Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court". Also in the works are a lively and comic one-man/twelve character play, "Fully Committed", about a telephone reservationist at a swank New York restaurant (which was a hit in New York and regionally); an exuberant Musical Theatre entry, "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying;" an exciting new Choral Reading, "Now, Voyager"-filled with gorgeous poetry, a cappella music and unexpected delights; and three new cinematic, creative Group Mimes- "The Pirate King's 67th Birthday", "Invasion of the Bird Women of Mars" and "Indiana Jones and the Jewel of the Congo".
You are heartily invited to a very full evening of entertainment by talented students in our Theatre Cavalcade, February 13th, 14th, 27th, 28th, and March 6th, 12th and 13th in Spayde Theatre at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at the At Home Store and at the door.


This week our students read 16,907 minutes! We will be collecting minutes again next Wednesday, February 18th. Check the newsletter each week for new reading minute totals, and keep up the reading!


Please enjoy these heart-warming Valentine poems by some of Mrs. Balf's 1st/2nd grade boys. Happy Valentine's Day!

M akes me happy,
O ften meditates,
M akes my heart melt,
M akes yummy cookies.
Y ou're the bestest Mom I know.
by Nathaniel Zhu

M akes my heart warm,
O ften cooks for me
M y favorite person in the world.
by Avery Mullenneaux

M akes me laugh always,
A lways makes me feel better,
M akes my heart melt,
A lways helps with my reading.
by Demitri Makeig

Ms. Boone's 6th grade girls wrote small poems on the SCI Principle of "Rest and Activity are the steps of Progress":

Rest and activity
Footsteps start and stop
Starting with thought, ending with fulfillment
Walking toward progress.
by Raina Dollive

Flowers actively blooming in the Spring
restfully sleeping in the Winter
The cycle of life.
by Mia Arndt

The steps of progress
Dynamic effects making life enjoyable
Creating the natural cycle
Of one foot after the other
Making it possible to
Enjoy and accomplish more.
by Holly Armstrong


We would like to share one more entry in the nationwide philosophy contest that our school is participating in. This essay is by 6th grader Sophia Blitz.


There is no reason for war if we can create world peace. War only makes things worse. It may help for the time being, but what goes around comes around, so sooner or later you will lose whatever it was that you had won. If we could prevent war and make peace, our existence will last longer. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Do something nice for someone, and someone will do something nice for you. You are more powerful than you realize.
When you think about it, the world is our family. So if you make someone suffer, you are only making yourself suffer within. If you make someone happy, you are making yourself happy within. If two people go to meet with the intention of receiving a gift, neither will give and neither will receive, but if both go with the intention of giving, both give and both receive. So make someone happy and make yourself happy.
If everyone would create peace within himself or herself, it would reflect on their family, which would reflect on their neighborhood, which would reflect on their country, which would reflect on the world. Therefore, one person is helping to create world peace. The world will be peaceful when we have peaceful individuals. Now look and see what you can do.
In my opinion, war doesn't have to be inevitable, but it's up to us to make peace. I go to a school where we meditate twice a day and get rid of stress. We don't have any bullies and rarely get into fights. We are helping to create peace on earth by meditating and creating peace in our town. Our town has the largest group of people doing Transcendental Meditation in the country. We have two golden domes where people of the community can help create peace by meditating together. Our community has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.
Because of the community I have grown up in, I clearly believe in world peace. I take for granted the life I have been given. There are people who are suffering out in the world. If we shared money and food with the countries that have people suffering and starving to death, we could make them happy and make ourselves happy. There are many times I have made my friends laugh, and the feeling of making someone happy is completely worth a bit of work. So let's help other countries instead of bombing and killing them.
My dad once told me, "There is a star inside of you and every time you tell a lie or intentionally do something wrong, the star will rub up against you and start to wear down." Eventually it will be gone. There is no way to rebuild your star, but you can always prevent it from disappearing. Don't let your star disappear, keep it alive.


Morning basketball for 3rd and 4th grade girls began on Tuesday, February 3rd in the Field House. Students are still welcome to join, and experience is not necessary. Basic skills and team play will be taught. Practice times are from 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information, please call Susie Hathaway at 472-9548.
Reminder: When there is a weather-related delay for the Middle and Upper School students, there will be no enrichment sports in the morning.


  • "Jonathan Livingston Seagull": Mrs. Lynch is looking for copies of this book. If you have a copy that you can loan or donate to her class, please call the Lower School office at 472-9400, x1174
  • Lunchtime policy: According to the Student and Parent Handbook, all students who are not part of our supervised lunch program may return to School no earlier than 12:55 pm. They should proceed directly to their classrooms and begin their silent reading program. Lower School students may not go to the M.U.M. Bookstore unless they are accompanied by an adult. Parents, your cooperation is really needed in this area, as too many students are returning too early from lunch and are unsupervised. Thank you.
  • Maharishi School Website: Please visit our new and improved Maharishi School Website at Check out the Parent Memo online with many fun photographs of students' activities: click on "Site Map" at the bottom of the page, on the bottom of that page find "Links", under "Links" click on "Parent Memo".
  • Name/Address/Phone Changes: If you have recently made a change, please inform the Lower School office at 472-9400, x1174 so we have the most up-to-date information.
  • Maharishi School Store: The School Store is located in the Assembly Hall, and hours are 9:00-9:45 a.m. daily, and 12:30-1:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursday only.
  • Garage Sale for Senior Trip Fundraiser: The senior girls are holding an indoor garage sale on Saturday, February 28th from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds to raise money for their trip to Vlodrop. The girls are asking for donations of items in good condition. The items can be brought to the garages of Betty Bargerstock at 2011 North B Street (472-7545) or Wendy Bruen at 412 West Carpenter (469-3365). Or, you can have your items picked up on Friday, February 27th; please call Diane James to arrange a pick-up. Thank you, and happy Spring cleaning!
  • Calendars for Sale: Maharishi School senior class has produced a beautiful and elegant 2004 calendar featuring photography and artwork by members of that class. Calendars are available for $10. All proceeds go toward funding the proposed senior trip to Vlodrop. Calendars are available through the Upper School office. People find that these items make wonderful gifts.
  • If the Weather is Looking Bad: Please tune your radio to KMCD 1570 AM, KIIK 95.9 FM, or KHOE 90.5 FM to listen for school closings. Also, announcements for weather cancellations will be available on the website Please do not call the radio station
    or the School.

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