Parents' Memo: April 9, 2004

"The self-referral state of consciousness is that one element in nature on the ground of which the infinite variety of creation is continuously emerging, growing, and dissolving."-Maharishi

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Spring vacation! It's always refreshing to have a break to travel, to visit with family and friends, or just to take it easy.
Amazingly, the last quarter of the school year has begun, and I hope all students will have a very enjoyable and successful rest of the year.

Spring is really here!



This is another reminder that Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, April 15th in the afternoon and Friday, April 16th all day. At these times, there will be no school for grades 1-6.
Please note: Kindergarten will be in session Thursday morning, but not on Friday, April 16th.
I really encourage all of you to attend the conference with your child's teacher, as it is an excellent opportunity to review your child's progress and development over the past several months. You may call the Lower School office at 472 9400, x1174 to schedule an appointment. I also wanted to remind you to take the time during conferences to view the Spring Art Show which is on display outside each classroom. The students' artworks express exceptional creativity and are a delight to see. Thank you to art teacher Karen Valentine for inspiring our children to achieve greatness!


TThe Friday Assembly before Spring Break featured the 6th grade girls' jump rope performance. The girls performed a variety of jump rope activities: individual trick jumping routines, trick routines in pairs, group long rope and individual rope routines, a "kangaroo chase" with a 40' rope, and double dutch routines. These girls have practiced jumping rope for four years now, and
their skill and fitness level is amazing. It was a great delight to watch this jumping rope assembly!
As always, the Assembly began with selected students being given Special Recognition Awards, which had been nominated by their teachers. Award recipients on March 26th were: Ryan Smelcer and Avi Marks from the Intermediate boys class; and Vegard Ketterhagen, Dominic Borg, Toby Walker, Eric Caplan, Mike Magee, Jay Stewart, Matt Fleshman, Alden Rowe and Nevin Fernyhough from the 5th/6th grade boys class. Congratulations to everyone


Now is "Applying Maharishi's Principles of Ideal Teaching to Parenting"
Presented by Dr. Chris Jones and Laura Bordow, these meetings will be held Thursday, April 15th, Wednesday, April 21st, Thursday, April 29th, and Wednesday, May 5th at 7:30 p.m. in the Lower School Library.
This is an interactive 4-part series, in which parents will be able to learn about Principles of Teaching, which Maharishi has given to the classroom teacher. Through discussion we will see how these principles could be applied in the home. Each meeting will include a video/audio tape of Maharishi, questions/discussion and refreshments.


Now is the time for everyone to help to sell tickets to our Spring Fundraiser, Night of 1000 Prizes on Friday, April 30th. Every day more wonderful prizes are being donated for this great event, which will allow everybody to win something. If you need brochures and tickets, they are available at the Domes and at School. We have to sell 800 tickets within the next 3 weeks in order to take care of the needs of our precious school. If everyone helps, we can accomplish this. Please call us at 472-0094, if you have any questions. And please remember, that 100% of your ticket purchase goes toward your fundraising requirement.

Read about the great dinner that Destination ImagiNation is organizing for the Night of 1000 Prizes.



The wonderful produce grown in our Maharishi School Greenhouse, enlivened by the sounds of nature, freshly picked and pesticide free, will be sold every Tuesday afternoon from 3:20 p.m. on, at the bus stop in front of Maharishi School.
Some of the greens available right now will be lettuce mix, spinach and chard for $3.50 a bag, and broccoli seedlings for planting. Kettle corn will also be available for purchase.
If you would like to help with picking Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11:00 a.m., you could earn 2 bags of greens. Please contact Diana Fleischman at 472-7743.


by Tracy Liptak

Cakes are always celebratory, and with organic, GE-free ingredients, you can provide a real treat to your loved ones. At a birthday party, Martha Stewart, 6th grade parent, presented a beautiful and delicious apple cake, frosted with pink (beet juice-tinted) buttercream, and topped with marzipan roses. She made a fabulous contribution to a special day. Martha generously shared the recipes so that we can make it, too.
When baking, remember that there are a number of common ingredients which are genetically engineered and therefore must be organic to be safe. For example, sugar is processed with genetically engineered agents; dairy products are GE (Bgh-free is not enough, since "You are what you eat," and cows fed GE grain make GE milk); baking powder contains GE cornstarch; and vanilla has GE alcohol and processing agents. Organic ingredients are the best solution. Enjoy this lovely treat!

Preheat oven to 350. Prepare three 8 inch round baking pans or or one 9 by 13 inch baking pan.
Stir together:
3 cups flour (part whole wheat is fine)
2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. ground ginger

2 heaping TB organic soy flour

1/2 cup organic butter in medium sized pan

Stir in:
3/4 cup organic oil
2 tsp. organic vanilla
1 1/4 cups organic sugar

Mix in:
3 1/2 cups coarsely grated tart organic apples
1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

Add flour mixture and stir until combined. Pour into pan(s) and bake for 30-50 minutes (depending on pan size).

We usually eat this cake plain, but it can also be frosted. I often reduce the oil and sugar and add extra apples, up to 4 1/2 cups, and it still comes out great.

For the center of each rose, take a small amount of organic marzipan (which is available at Everybody's) and roll out a cone shape about 3/4 inch long, 3/8 inch in diameter at the bottom and pointed at the top.
Make petals by taking a marble sized piece of marzipan and flattening it, making sure the edges are very thin. (The balls of your hands work best for this). As you flatten it, shape it into a round-edged triangular shape that looks like a rose petal.
The first petal for each rose should be wrapped completely around the cone shape (pointed end up) to cover it. The rest of the petals should be attached one at a time as they are made (they start to dry out and stiffen) by pressing the bottom of the petal to the bottom of the cone and curling back the petal slightly. Continue adding petals and curling them around the cone and then turning back the tops until it looks done. I find it helpful to look at a real rose or rose picture to get it right. Rosebuds, using only a few petals, are also pretty.


Your Child Can Still Join
Track/Cross Training has begun for the girls and will begin for the boys on Monday April 12th. All 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls are welcome to join.
Great fun and conditioning! No experience necessary! Participants may choose events such as race walking, sprints, or long distance. Cross-training activities will include basketball, soccer, volleyball, jump rope, and team handball.
For more information, please call coaches: Mark Soth at
472-8095 or 919-1751 and Susie Hathaway at 472-9548
or 919-9548.


  • Maharishi School Store: The School Store is located in the Assembly Hall, and hours are 8:30-9:40 a.m. daily..
  • Name/Address/Phone Changes: If you have recently made a change, please inform the Lower School office at 472-9400, x1174 so we have the most up-to-date information.
  • 2004-2005 Registration Packets: Were mailed out this week. As indicated in the packet, all financial aid applications are due at FAIR no later than April 15th. If you do not receive your packet by Wednesday, March 27th, please call the Administrative Office at 472-9400, ext.1.
  • School Bus Effort: The School received a donation toward the purchase of a school bus from the Dr. Scholl Foundation of Northbrook, Illinois. We are required to match the donation dollar for dollar. The Middle and Upper School parents have been sending in the requested $25/child donations.
    We would also like to ask the Lower School parents to please donate for this effort as well. Although younger children do not use the school bus very often, as they grow and enter Middle and Upper School, the children will benefit from a safe and reliable bus for transporting them to academic and sporting events. Please send your $25 donation to:
    Grants Office
    Maharishi School
    804 North Third StreetFairfield, Iowa 52556
    Thank you for your generosity and consideration of our fund- raising efforts

    Have a great weekend!

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