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Dear Parents.
"Creative intelligence is integrative. It integrates. It is integrative to such an extent that it can bring together opposite values. Unmanifest and manifest, silence and activity, are opposite to each other-the non-moving field of pure creative intelligence, still and stable, and the moving relative. It is the dignity of creative intelligence that is able to put them together and produce one life out of the two."-Maharishi

As the year 2003, the Year of Ideal Government-Raam Raj, the Third Year of the Global Country of World Peace (Vishwa Shanti Rashtra), draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very heavenly holiday season. As parents of these beautiful children who attend Maharishi School, you have my deepest respect and appreciation. As all of us join together to create enlightened education for these precious souls, we can feel very proud and deeply blessed. I wish for each one of you lots of happiness and laughter, great success and prosperity and total support of natural law in the coming year.


The "Holiday Show 2003" was a tremendous success, and it was wonderful to see so many parents enjoying the children singing songs of the holiday season. A huge thanks to Phyllis Khare, our musical director, for creating such a meaningful concert that was so beautifully organized. The Festival Singers, Concert Choir, Pioneer Boys Choir, and Maharishi School Beginning and Intermediate Orchestras were simply wonderful. As Miss Phyllis mentioned, there is still room in these groups for more students, creating another avenue for our children's talents to shine. Thank you, Miss Phyllis-you gave everyone a special gift at this time of year!


As the holiday season draws near, there has been a lot of activity and celebration in the classrooms. I would like to share with you a few highlights of
what different classes have been doing this week.
Mrs. Gritz's Kindergarteners have been busy elves, making home-made holiday gifts for their parents. They made beautiful holiday books, which they read to the Preschool and Primary classes. Ms. Nelson's Primary girls have made and painted many clay creations to give as holiday gifts. On Friday, the class also had a class gift exchange. Mrs. Balf's Primary boys had a holiday party, Secret Giver exchanges, and a read-a-thon this week. Ms. Vetter's Intermediate girls handcrafted Secret Santa gifts all week. On Friday they exchanged the final (purchased) gift and had a class party. Ms. Siemsen's Intermediate boys made ginger bread houses, enjoyed Secret Santa all week, and ended with a class party on Friday afternoon, where they played games and exchanged gifts. Ms. Zmachinsky's fifth grade girls made poetry books to give to their families, created bread dough ornaments, had fun with Secret Santa and celebrated with a party. Ms. Boone's sixth grade girls made gingerbread houses and exchanged Secret Santas all week, then they enjoyed a holiday party on Friday.

Mrs. Lynch's 5th/6th grade boys performed "Food Wars" for the Friday Assembly this week. This play is a spoof on Star Wars, teaching the audience how to eat right.


The class also had a gift exchange and party on Friday afternoon. During the week the boys celebrated the 100th anniversary of powered flight. December 17th was the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk. The 5th/6th grade boys celebrated this event with the Primary boys by having
a paper airplane competition. Our dear art teacher, Ms. Valentine, has a tradition of giving a laser print of a flower or bird to each art student during the last week of art class before winter vacation. These prints are from an anonymous donation given 19 years ago, and the tradition is called "Everlasting Laser
Prints". They look very pretty in windows, at home and at school.

On Tuesday, December 16th, a beautiful and festive luncheon was held for all the School faculty and staff.
Guests enjoyed a delicious Italian meal prepared by Lower, Middle and Upper School parents, wonderful holiday cookies baked by the Upper School girls, with lovely decorations provided by the Preschool parents. Mark Wilkins created beautiful ceramic cups at his studio, "Winter Moon Pottery," which were given to all teachers and staff. The Assembly Hall was beautifully decorated, Liz Kwant and Donna Nelson entertained with lovely holiday songs performed on violin and piano, and everyone enjoyed the fabulous meal in an atmosphere of festivity. Our very special guest, His Excellency Dr. Bevan Morris gave an inspiring talk, and thanked our dear teachers for their love and dedication in giving our children knowledge for enlightenment.
Thank you to the office staff of the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools and to the Administrative office for organizing this wonderful event; thank you to the 11th grade girls for serving the food in a very dignified manner; and thank you to all the wonderful parents and students who contributed.

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping
As you do your last-minute holiday shopping, please remember all the possibilities for benefitting Maharishi School. Our Holiday Store on the Square will be open Saturday and Sunday this weekend, with prices reduced drastically for the final few days before Christmas.
We always want to support all the generous merchants in Fairfield who support Maharishi School through the Ideal Shopping Program, and if you shop on the internet, remember to do it through or so that Maharishi School can receive a percentage of your purchase amount.

Bike Fest Money
Please don't forget to bring in your Bike Fest money. We have received $70,000 of the $90,000 promised. Please do all you can to help us make this fundraiser a success.

The annual toy drive was extremely successful. The tradition of giving to the Salvation Army was changed a few days ago, as we became aware of a very needy group of Ogalala Lakota children living on a reservation in southwest South Dakota. Lester Tail, a Native American of this tribe, is now in Fairfield and has recently learned to meditate. He told us how his mother had provided toys for this reservation all her life, and how he wants to carry on the tradition. We were very touched by his story, and in 5 days he will drive to his reservation with a truckload of toys donated by Maharishi School children. We collected close to 1,300 toys! The class in the K-4 category that collected the most toys and won a prize was Ms. Siemsen's Intermediate boys class. Ms. Boone's sixth grade girls class won the prize for the older grades. Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who brought in toys! They will make these less fortunate children very happy! And thank you very much to Katie and Michael Dimick, who organized this event!

Upper School recently visited the Lakota Nation.

Now that winter is on its way and some snow has fallen, I thought it would be useful to review the sledding guidelines outlined in the Student and Parent Handbook.
"To ensure proper safety the School does not approve of unsupervised sledding on the slopes on campus. The steeper slope (southeast slope closest to the utility pole) which feeds into the turn-around by the Field House is not to be used by children for sledding under any circumstances. Sledding on School property outside of school hours can be dangerous, particularly if done on an unapproved slope or by a child who is not in control. During school hours, supervised sledding is allowed on the slope closest to the Lower School. If a supervised sledding party has been planned by a teacher or is part of a PE class, students will be instructed where to leave their sleds..
Teachers will take students sledding only once or twice during the year. Students must be properly attired, otherwise they will not be allowed to participate. Proper attire includes a warm jacket, snow pants/suit, boots, gloves, scarf, and a hat. Students will only be allowed to sled if the wind chill factor is above 15 degrees. Students in grades K-6 are not allowed to use snowboards on campus. Students in grades 7-12 are not allowed to use snowboards on campus, except as part of a teacher supervised class activity. In addition, it is the policy of the School that there is no throwing of snowballs on campus."
Please note: Students are not allowed to bring sleds to school, unless sledding has been planned in advance for PE or a class sledding day. Also, if your children want to sled after school at 3:30 p.m., please provide adult supervision.

Winter has arrived; for the time being


For the fifth year in a row, the website "Radiovillage" is inviting area students to email Santa at their web site. The children may visit, click on the "Santa's In-Box" link under "New & Hot," and complete a simple form. Their messages to Santa will be posted along with those of all the other children. The site is completely secure; only the child's first name and age will be posted, and the information will never be used for any other purpose. Radiovillage says that "Santa's In-Box" is a fun, safe, modern way for the children to communicate with Santa.


  • Winter Break: The last day of School before vacation is Friday, December 19th. Students return to School on Monday, January 5th.
  • Tuition for Second Semester: Tuition statements were mailed out. Tuition for second semester is due Wednesday, January 7th. If you have any questions or did not receive your invoice, please call the Student Accounts Office at 472-9400, ext. 5076.
  • Thank you very much to Leslie Marks, Jeannette Lisefski, Rosalie Borg, Monica Kar, Karen Valentine, the Huggins family, the Fulcher family, the Fleischman family and the Titus family, for the wonderful treats and gifts they brought in to express appreciation for the teachers and staff of Maharishi Lower School!
  • Maharishi School Website: Please visit our new and improved Maharishi School Website at .
  • Basketball Punch Passes for ten games are available for purchase in the Athletic Department or at the door at a cost of $25 per pass. This price applies to all faculty, staff and students.
  • Basketball Games: Please remember that Lower School
    students attending basketball games at the Field House need
    to be supervised by an adult at all times!
  • Calendars for Sale: Maharishi School senior class has produced a beautiful and elegant 2004 calendar featuring photography and art work by members of that class. Calendars are available for $10. All proceeds go toward funding the proposed senior trip to Vlodrop. Calendars are available through the Upper School office. People find that these items make wonderful gifts.

    Happy Holidays!

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