International WinnersMaharishi School has a particularly strong science program. Each year our students win dozens of awards at the Eastern Iowa Science Fair. In the last ten years, they have won over 30 awards at the state's Hawkeye Science Fair including a dozen first place awards. Several of our students have also gained recognition in international competition.

Seniors Daniel Blum and Jonathan Czinder (picture) came in first at state two years in a row and placed 4th at the International Science Fair this year. They have won over $6,000 in college scholarships as a result of their project, an invention called the alterbine, a turbine which harnesses the energy of ocean currents to create clean electricity.

Every year MSAE 8th grade science students participate in the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our students participate in the junior division that contains about 16 schools and 160 students. There are three categories within the junior division: biological exhibits, physical science, and team exhibits.

The following MSAE 8th grade students won the awards indicated:

Grand Prizewinners

Junior division - Michael Sutherland and Christian Hoffman


1st place - Katie Dimick
2nd place - Sam Goldstein and Julia Ross
Honorable Mention - Dariana Travis and Cecil Plaut


1st place - Christian Hoffman and Michael Sutherland
2nd place - Josh Adams
Honorable Mention - Daniel Starr


1st place - Justin Heaton and Mitra Muehlman, Miranda Thomas and Anna Sica
2nd place - Molly Brooks and Leanne Reid, Tace James and Puki Freeberg
2nd place - Will Courtade and Donny Revolinski - "Radiation: How Bad is It?"
Honorable Mention - Chris Gautherat, Max Steinberg, Danny Steinberg

Discovery Awards

(winners are eligible to apply for National Discovery Awards based on this regional win)
Christian Hoffman, Michael Sutherland, Katie Dimick

Additional Special Awards
  Katie Dimick (2), Christian Hoffman, Michael Sutherland (2), Julia Ross(2), Dariana Travis,
Mogen Fishback, Justin Heaton and Mitra Muehlman, Josh Adams



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