Important Dates to Remember

  Registration  Date 
Financial Aid Applications Due at FAIR April 15th
Registration for All Students May 20th
Late Registration–$300 per Student After May 20th 
Invoice Sent to Parents June 2th, December 6th
Tuition Payment Due August 11th, January 5th 
Late Fee–$100 per Student After August 11th, after January 5th
  Tuition Loan Programs
Bank Loan Application Due Dates May 20th, July 7th, August 11th

Continuing Students who have been properly registered and whose tuition has been paid by the due date of August 11, 2004 will be assigned a teacher and classroom. Classroom assignments are posted for grades K–6 in the lobby of the Lower School building and grades 7–12 in Foster Hall prior to the first day of school.

New Students will be considered enrolled and will receive their class placement after the following steps have been completed:

  • All application materials have been completed and returned to the Director of Admissions.
  • Registration Form and deposit have been given to the Student  Accounts Office.
  • First semester tuition has been paid to the Student Accounts Office.
  • All applicants, grades K–12, must practice the Transcendental Meditation technique (or the Word of WisdomSM technique if they  are younger than 10 years of age.)
  • Acceptance for admission has been given by the Director of Admissions.

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