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Alumni Support Helps School Reach Fundraising Goal, Allows Tennis Team to Travel in Style

Arjuna and Lucie Martlin, both alumni from the class of ’93, recently donated $2,000 to support the school’s spring fundraiser, a 5-day yagya program. “The school has meant a lot to both of our families,” Lucie said. “We’re happy to help support it.” Their support, alongside that of other donors, helped boost the fundraiser's total to $90,000, 100% percent of the goal.

Like other seasonal benefits, the spring fundraiser makes it possible for the school to continue running and also for those children receiving scholarships to continue with their education.

Another alumnus, Max Steinberg from class of ’06, recently donated a white Infiniti SUV to the Maharishi School golf team for transportation to and from competitions. The kids love traveling in their new car; Coach Ed Hipp comments, “It’s a luxury vehicle, with a DVD player. They get to watch Caddy Shack on the way to matches.”

“The middle school kids are most impressed by it,” Hipp adds. “It inspires them to continue on to the upper school golf team.” When Hipp once explained to the middle school boys that it can be a challenge to get all the equipment and players into the SUV, one student replied, “Yeah, but it’s cool to get out of it!”

Max’s brother Danny Steinberg, also from class of ’06, has helped support the Maharishi School golf team as well: two years ago, Danny donated $500 for scholarships that allowed the players to join the Walton Golf Club and continue developing their skills.

Support from alumni has helped the school in many different ways. For example, earlier in the school year, ’04 alumnus and award winning director/filmmaker Geoff Boothby helped teach a video course for the senior boys. From Boothby, the students learned basic video, sound, and editing, and even created their own short documentaries. “It was fun doing something we’d never done before,” said senior Ryan Stakland.

And a few months ago, Sam and Arwin Lieb donated two beautiful couches that have made the Expansion Office a comfortable and cozy environment for both visitors and those working in it.

Current opportunities to help support Maharishi School and its students include donating towards outfitting the Field House with protective wall padding behind the baskets. Most other schools in the state offer this safety feature for their players. For between $4,000 and $5,000, the school can have the padding produced and customized to feature Maharishi School colors and logo as well as the name of a major donor.  To help support this project, click through to the donation page and specify "Other: Field House Protective Padding."

Tthe Art and Photography departments would also appreciate any help funding the purchase of next year's supplies. Again, support goes through the donation page (specify "Other: Art/Photography supplies 2011).

Anyone who thinks they might have a way to help support Maharishi School and its students, whether financially, through their time, skills and talents, a donation of materials, or some other creative method should contact the development office or call (641) 472-9400 x5095



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