Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment

Spring 2001 Annual Fund Campaign


A Weekend to Remember



April 27–29, 2001


     Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment warmly invites you to attend a special weekend of attractions unique to Fairfield. Enjoy the many expressions of Maharishi’s knowledge and bask in the company of old friends at heart warming fun events. The highlight of the weekend will be a delightful nostalgic evening at which illustrious and beloved members of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation® movement will be telling their stories of some of the most entertaining and charming moments from the early days of our movement.


Calendar of events


Friday, April 27


8:00 PM: Basketball Game

Maharishi School Golden Boys basketball players issue a challenge to the School’s alumni stars of the past.

Admission free.


Saturday, April 28


Morning: Extended program

Update your dome badge and enjoy program in the Golden Domes with the local super radiance community at no extra charge.


1:15 PM: Maharishi Sthapatya VedaSM Lecture and Tour

Lecture by Jon Lipman, A.I.A., director of the Institute of Maharishi Sthapatya Vedic Design, followed by a tour of Sthapatya Vedic homes.

No charge.


3:15 PM: Tour of Maharishi Vedic ObservatorySM

The purpose of Maharishi Vedic Observatory is to capture all the Veda in one perception that enlivens individual awareness and the totality of knowledge.

Cost: $5


7:45 PM: Reflections From a New Millennium Dessert Banquet:

                        An Evening of Nostalgia, Music, and Inspiration

The highlight of the weekend! See below for details


Sunday, April 29


Morning: Extended program

Enjoy another extended program in the Golden Domes at no extra charge.


2:30 PM: Gandharva VedaSM Concert

The esteemed Gandharva Veda vocalist, Mrs. Anita Ghosh, will enliven the laws of nature with a free performance of a vocal raga for prosperity. She will be accompanied by her husband, Mr. Anup Ghosh on the tabla.

No charge, but please note advance booking is requested.


In addition to the above events, Maharishi Vedic AstrologySM consultations, appointments with the Maharishi Vedic VibrationSM experts, and appointments with a Maharishi Vedic Approach to HealthSM doctor in the presence of a Vaidya from India will be available throughout the weekend. Maharishi PanchakarmaSM treatments are also available at the Raj.




Reflections From a New Millennium Dessert Banquet:

An Evening of Nostalgia, Music, and Inspiration


            The highlight of the weekend!  Savor delicious and exotic desserts while enjoying stories of the most profound and funniest moments from our movement’s history. Hear the tales of the old times from Dr. Keith Wallace, Peter Wallace, Theresa Olson, Josie Fauerso, Michael Dimick, Dennis Raimondi, Peter Orange, and a few surprise speakers. Dr. Bevan Morris will join us through a video conference. Remember the music from the early days with Paul Fauerso, Rick Stanley, The Flipped SU5, and Renie Praver and Donna Warwick. Also hear some of our beautiful children sing some of their glorious Age of Enlightenment songs.


            Date Saturday, April 28, 2001

            Time: 7:45 p.m.

            Place: The Field House at Maharishi University of Management   


            A donation of $100 or more to Maharishi School’s 2001 Annual Fund Campaign ensures seating for the donor at this fabulous event (spouse included). A donation of $1,000 or more seats you and your spouse at the head table.  If you are unable to attend this wonderful event yourself, consider sponsoring some faculty members from Maharishi School to enjoy it in your place.



Maharishi School’s Annual Fund Campaign

Six Categories of Giving


            “Reflections From a New Millennium” is a weekend of celebration to mark Maharishi School’s Spring 2001 Annual Fund Campaign.


            As part of our fund-raising drive this year, we want to give our children some exciting new playground equipment. Part of the funds raised will be used to purchase a gazebo, a swing set, and a picnic table for the playground. Your tax-deductible donation will help to acquire these items. Plaques inscribing the names of the donors will be permanently attached to the equipment. Our children and grandchildren will have the pleasure of finding our names on their playground equipment for generations to come. The equipment will be assembled on the playground for all to see and enjoy on the weekend of “Reflections from a New Millennium,” Donors will also be honored in the program of events at the dessert banquet on Saturday night.


Your donation provides the following:


$100: Ensures seating for you and your spouse at “Reflections From a New Millennium”.


$250: Ensures seating at “Reflections From a New Millennium”  and your name appears on the new picnic table on the playground.


$500: Ensures seating at “Reflections From a New Millennium” and your name appears on the new swing set on the playground.


$1,000: You are seated at the head table at “Reflections From a New Millennium” and your name appears on the new gazebo on the play ground.


$1,500: You secure an Executive Table that seats 10, which you can fill with family, friends or employees, or provide seating for Maharishi School staff with your generosity.      

And of course your name appears on the new gazebo on the play ground.


$10,000: In addition to your seat at the main table or your Executive Table at “Reflections From a New Millennium,” your name appears alone on a beautiful plantation swing on the playground.

Press the button below to make your reservation.



Send your donation to:

            2001 Annual Fund Campaign

            Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment

            804 North 3rd Street

            Fairfield, IA 52556

            Phone: 641-472-0094





            The impressive list of successes of Maharishi School students continues to grow each year. For the past 6 years, our students have scored in the 99th percentile in the Iowa Tests of Educational Development both nationally and in Iowa. To date 45 of our students have been recognized in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Our students consistently win top honors at national and state science and history fairs, academic competitions, art and speech competitions, and athletic events.


            In the past year alone our tennis team made Iowa tennis history by completing back-to-back Triple Crown sweeps, winning the singles, doubles, and team boys’ state tennis titles in two consecutive seasons. Our basketball team finished the season with a record of 23-2, and was ranked 5th in the state in class 2A after winning their conference and district championship.


            Our Upper School speech students won the All-State banner for Choral Reading at the Iowa High School Speech Association Large Group Competition for the third year in a row. Maharishi School has won more Critics Choice awards in the past decade than any other school in the state.


            Maharishi School students won first place awards at both the state science fair and the state history fair. In Destination Imagination, teams from the School not only won three championships at state but went on to finish second, fourth, and eighth in the Global finals.


            The first place in both the team and individual competitions at the Regional Math Counts Competition was won by Maharishi School students. Several Maharishi School students won state awards for photography, poetry, and art.


            These are a few of the highlights of our students’ achievements over the past year. These students are shining examples of Maharishi’s Consciousness-BasedSM Education. They deserve the very best. Please give generously to Maharishi School’s Spring 2001 Annual Fund Campaign.





            “Everyone who loves knowledge knows what an inspiration it is to be in the company of the wise, where every expression shines with the light of knowledge. In the past this opportunity was scarce, and was available only in the presence of highly educated and experienced scholars. The time has now come to have this joy even in the company of the young with the growth of higher states of consciousness. Enlightenment is now going to be a common feature of the youth of the Age of Enlightenment in every country.”

                                                —excerpt from Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Education




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