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Parents' Memo

A Weekly Report
on News & Events
of Maharishi
Lower School

March 29, 2002


"The way to uplift a man is first to remind him of the glorious aspects of his character and so gain a sympathetic response. The second step is to point out at once some delicate feature in the situation."-Maharishi

Next week is Spring Vacation, which means that there will be no School from Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th. I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing week, and that the weather is ideal so all can fully enjoy the spring season. On Friday, during morning announcements, the children were reminded to be regular in their twice daily practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation technique or Maharishi's Children's technique. They were told that maximum bliss and enjoyment comes from that balance of rest and activity.

This is another reminder that Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, April 18th in the afternoon and Friday, April 19th all day.* At these times, there will be no school for grades 1-6.

* Please note: Kindergarten will be in session Thursday morning, April 18th, but not Thursday afternoon or on Friday, April 19th. Sixth grade boys will not have school Thursday afternoon, April 18th and will be in session on Friday, April 19th all day. They will hold ParentlTeacher Conferences on Thursday, April 25th. Details to follow.

I really encourage all of you to attend the conference with your child's teacher, as it is an excellent opportunity to review your child's progress and development over the past several months. You may begin calling the Lower School office right after Spring Break to schedule an appointment. I also wanted to remind you to take the time during conferences to view the Spring Art Show which is on display outside each classroom. The students' artworks express exceptional creativity and are a delight to see. Thank you to art teacher Karen Valentine for inspiring our children to achieve greatness!

Maharishi School Girl Scout Brownie Troop 155 and Junior Troop 121 performed a flag ceremony for last week's Friday Assembly to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Girl Scouts in the USA. Also, a bouquet of flowers was presented to Mrs. Bordow on behalf of all other Maharishi School teachers who are former Girl Scouts, thanking them for keeping Girl Scouts lively through the years.

For the major portion of the Assembly, it was the job of the 4th grade boys to entertain us. To gain our attention, they introduced themselves by using different voices to express emotion: sad, happy, enthusiastic, and surprised. Through a delightful play about six blind men and an elephant, the SCI fundamental of "Knowledge" came to life.

As always, the Friday Assembly began with selected students being given Special Recognition Awards, which had been nominated by their teachers. Award recipients on March 22nd were: fourth graders Mia Arndt, Angela Sickler, Suzanne Seehusen, Sammy Rose, Nathan Evertsen, Mike Magee, Alden Rowe, Theo Shier and Eric Caplan; fifth grader Josh Posner; and sixth graders Collin Petit, David Fuicher and David Boyle. Also, receiving special recognition awards were fourth grade teacher Ms. Vetter, sixth grade substitute Ms. Dollive, fourth grade student teacher Ms. Patricia and fourth grade parent Mrs. Dorothy Rowe. Congratulations to everyone!

Maharishi School Seniors Speak about their Visit to Holland

Friday, March 29, 8:00 pm-Maharishi School Auditorium

Maharishi School Seniors will speak Friday night to the community about their glorious Senior Trip this week to the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace, Vlodrop, Holland. Please come join the Seniors for an inspiring and blissful evening!

April 27th is our annual Maharishi School Spring Fundraiser, this year entitled "A Dream Come True Quiz Show". You will have an opportunity to test your skill in a quiz show format. Great prizes and entertainment are assured!

Look for more details in the information packet that was recently mailed. Call your friends and let's get ready to meet our annual goal and have a wonderfully entertaining event! Following is a sample of questions for your enjoyment:

1. Which dessert is named after a Scandinavian country?
a. Norwegian moon cake           b. Finnish upside down cake
c. Danish pastry                         d. Swedish deep dish apple pie

2. Which of these marine creatures has eight tentacles?
a. Hexapus                                b. Oyster
c.Octopus                                 d. Starfish

3. Leo Tolstoy's famous novel is called
a. The Czar and I                      b. Crime and More Crime
c. War,What is It Good For?    d. War and Peace

Last week's answers are:
1) b. Flies, 2) b. Squash, 3) b. Buddy Holly.

How did you do?

This past Monday, 14 teams competed at the State level in Destination ImagiNation at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. It was a wonderful opportunity for so many of our School families to watch the children share their fulfillment of many months of hard work. Competing with over 158 teams throughout Iowa, our students represented themselves with great confidence and dignity. They showed appreciation for each other, as well as for the other schools. Four 1st place winning teams won the right to advance to global competition at the Final Destination, which this year will be held Knoxville, Tennessee at the University of Tennessee from May 22-25.

The four teams that came in first place were: 7th/8th grade team,"It's Your Move"; 7th grade team, "On Holiday"; 7th/8th grade team, "Art of Improv" and Upper School team, "Dual Dilemma". The 7th/8th grade "Art of Improv" team was also awarded the Creativity Award in the Middle School category. All of the teams were outstanding in their performances and oftentimes competed with groups that were two grades above them!

At the Final Destination, these teams will be sharing their presentation with hundreds of teams from all over the world. Coach Mark Headlee has offered our students the opportunity to achieve excellence!

One of our parents has generously donated money toward sponsoring teachers to enter The Dream Come True Quiz Show. She has asked that we begin a fund to cover all the teachers. We are hoping that more parents will come forward and sponsor other teachers and coaches. Please call the Development Office if you can help, 472-0094.

Wal-Mart is now running a Teacher of the Year competition. So many of our teachers at Maharishi School are ideal candidates for this award, and it has been suggested that parents or students nominate their favorite teacher. The local winner receives a grant of $500, payable to the program of the teacher's choice. The State winner brings home a grant of $5,000. Ballots are available at Wal-Mart, or in the Lower School office.

Come and join your sons and daughters for a race-walk or run on Monday, Wednesday, and for Friday mornings in our Lower School Track/Cross-training program in April and May. See details in the attachment below.

TrackCross Training begins Wednesday morning, April 3rd
All 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls are welcome. Great fun and conditioning! No experience necessary! Participants may choose events such as race walking, sprints, or long distance. Cross-training activities will include basketball, soccer, and jump roping. Meet at Rec Center from 8:10-9:15 a.m., M, W, F mornings. See attached registration forms. Extra forms are outside the Lower School Office by bulletin board.

Coaches: Mark Soth, 472-8095 (H), 469-5911(W) and Susie Hathaway, 472-9548.

Parent Volunteers are needed and welcome! For more information, please call Mark or Susie. Thanks!

2002-2003 Registration Packets: Were mailed out Thursday, March 21st. As indicated in the packet, all financial aid applications are due at FAIR no later than April 15th. If you have not yet received your packet, please call the Administrative Office at 472-9400, ext. 1.

Spring Break dates: Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Right after Spring Break we will begin taking appointments for the Parent/Teacher Conferences coming up on April 18th and 19th.

Magazine Database Reminder: To log in to the EBSCO database, user name is: msae, password is aeal5.

Enrichment Programs: If you have questions regarding the Enrichment Program, the Lower School office usually does not have the information. Please call Mark Soth at 469-5811, ext. 105, or the PE Department at 472-9400, ext. 5535.

                                        Have a great Spring Break!



Maharishi School Enrichment Sports
Track/Cross -Training

Who: 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th grade girls and boys
When: April 3rd through May 3 1st, 8:10-9:15 AM, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.
Where: Rec. Center
What: Sprints, distance runs, relay teams, race wa1king. No experience necessary. Great fun and conditioning! Builds conditioning for other sports. We will go outside for crosscountry runs and race walking as weather permits. Cross training activities may include soccer, basketball, & rope skipping.

Jr. Olympic and Hershey Track Meets, dates & locations TBA, optional participation.

Equipment: Shorts and/or sweatpants, athletic shoes (carry in), hair ties, water bottle, snack. Students must have shoes to participate in practice.

Cost: $35 TSR ($25 Faculty and Staff) Price includes jersey. If you already have a jersey from volleyball, soccer, or basketball, your price will be $25 TSR ($15 Faculty and Staff). Please make checks payable to "Maharishi School Enrichment Program."

Mark Soth 472-8095 (H) 469-5811(W) and Susie Hathaway 472-9548.

Volunteers needed are needed! Please call Mark or Susie. Thanks!!!

Enrichment Track/Cross-Training Registration Form

Return with payment to Enrichment Box in Lower School Office OR bring to 1" practice.

Student' Name_________________________________________  Grade_________

Payment:$________________ Please make checks payable to
                                                 "Maharishi School Enrichment Program..

Parent's name: _______________________________ Home Phone:____________

Work Phone:___________________________ Cell Phone:___________________

e-mail address:______________________________________________________

Emergency Contact:__________________________  Phone:__________________

I hereby give my permission for ________________________________________ to receive medical treatment in case of emergency. 

______________________________                    _________________
               Parent's Signature                                                  Date



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