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Parents' Memo

A Weekly Report
on News & Events
of Maharishi
Lower School

September 27, 2002

"The real basis of defense is invincibility. This element of invincibility is available now for the defense department of every nation with the discovery of the Veda and Vedic Literature in the human physiology, which is the discovery of the total creative potential of Natural Law, the infinite organizing power of Natural Law, the invincible, evolutionary power of Natural Law available in the process of evolution within everyone, where everything is constantly progressing from the field of pure Creative Intelligence to the material structure of the physiology.

It is now possible for every individual to enliven this evolutionary power of Natural Law in his awareness and live invincibility in daily life, radiate invincibility in his environment and spontaneously provide an invincible armor for the nation.

When individuals radiate invincibility, the whole national consciousness becomes so strongly integrated that it is invincible. On this ground of invincibility the defense department of any country will have the natural, spontaneous ability to disallow the birth of an enemy, the final target of prevention-the absolute state of freedom."-Maharishi, "Maharishi's Absolute 7heory of Defense", pages 7&8.


Bike Fest Update
The Bike Fest is only 2 weeks away and the children are all anticipating this great day. Remember that this is a wonderful opportunity to get a good portion of your fundraising requirements out of the way. The children all want to reach their field trip goals, so please help them with ideas, phone numbers, and addresses.

The Lower School Computer Lab has been expanded with the addition of six PCs and special networked CDs in reading, math and spelling. New software titles in early learning, reading, key boarding and science have been well received and greatly enrich the curriculum.

Early exposure to computer technology cultures a receptivity that endures a lifetime, so we want to create as charming an experience as possible. To support this intention, we need to focus on maintaining state-of-the-art hardware and software. Donations of Mac or PC computers, printers, and monitors are greatly appreciated.

Carol Jarvis, the computer specialist, has a degree in computer science and many years of work experience. She has a son, Jonathan in college, and two children at Maharishi School, Jessica in 11th grade and Devon in 8th grade.

It has been brought to our attention that more students than ever before are participating in the School's supervised Lunch Program. This program was created as a convenience for parents who either are working, or are not able to prepare lunch at home on a particular day. Children are not encouraged to eat at School on a regular daily basis. The following excerpt from the Student and Parent Handbook may serve as a reminder of the School's lunch policy:

Home is the basis of children's  education at Maharishi School. Children should be devoted to home, to mother and father, and to their teachers. With love, reverence, and respect the child grows in energy, intelligence, and devotion which provide great security in life and are necessary for the growth of enlightenment. The parent's attention is most important for the child's growth and evolution. For this reason the School has adopted an extended lunch hour to allow time for students to go home and have lunch with their parents. All parents are encouraged to take full advantage of this valuable time to be with their children.

It is understood that many children enjoy being with their friends over the lunch hour, and an occasional lunch at School can be fun. Because we only have proper supervision to cover a certain number of children during the lunch hour, when an entire class decides to stay as a group for lunch, supervision may be inadequate. If parents know ahead of time that most of the class wants to stay for lunch (on field trip days or for a fum treat), please arrange for one or two parents to help supervise lunch with the children on that day.

Currently our lunch time supervisors are Tina and Kevin Riley. The Rileys are parents of Forrest, who is in Ms. Siemsen's class. Tina and Kevin are joined at 12:25 pm by Lower School Principal, Tony Hallen. Together Tina, Kevin and Tony provide a well-structured and well-supervised lunch program, but when the numbers get too high, it can be a challenge. We want to continue providing the Lunch Program as a service to parents, therefore your cooperation in limiting your child's attendance and/or in helping to supervise large groups is greatly appreciated.

Another banner year for Maharishi School music is in the works! We have so many musical activities planned for this year I hope to be able to update you on a regular basis. Currently in the Lower School we have Kindergarten through sixth grade music classes, two choirs, a separate Concert Choir Boys rehearsal, two orchestra programs, and four sectional instrument rehearsals every week. The Middle School is developing a very nice Concert Choir, and 7th and 8th grade have music classes one quarter a year, a guitar workshop and Advanced Orchestra! Several of our Lower School students are in Advanced Orchestra this year, also!

I just sent in the audition tapes for OPUS State Honor Choir. Our 5th and 6th grade participants learned an advanced audition, and they performed beautifully. I will know the results by mid-October,

This year we will be performing for many events, both vocally and instrumentally. Please support your child's interest in music and help them prepare for all our events. Thank you so very much for your support! If you want to help out even more, please let me know and I will make sure you receive notices about our Music Committee meetings. Your input is invaluable.

Thank you-Miss Phyllis.


Get ready for fall. Treat yourself and your daughter to a pair of warm "Rumba" legwarmers. They are soothing and warm, without being restraining. Made of an ultra soft blend of 98% natural cotton and 2% lycra with vertical ribbing, they are flattering to the body, These full-length legwarmers are without stirrups.

For Lower School the legwarmers are available in the colors 'butter' and 'forest' for $18 a pair. For Middle and Upper School they are available in the colors 'terra-cotta' and 'olive' for $20 a pair.


Attention all 3rd and 4th Grade Girls!
Third and 4th Grade Girls' Volleyball begins on Tuesday, October 1 st at the Field House. Please see attached registration for more information. Come and join the fun! No experience neccessary!  For more information, please call Susie Hathaway at 472-9548


  Scholastic Book Fair: September 27, 30, and October 1. of good books will be available for sale for children of all ages. Come to the Book Fair and start the school year with a good book to read!

  School Uniform Update: Regarding backordered items from Dennis Uniform: If you have a girl's blouse, plaid jumper or skirt on backorder, these items will be delivered in mid-October. If you any questions on your order, or on sweater ordering information, please contact the Lower School at 472-9400, ext 2.

  PE Reminder: Please make sure that you write your child's name in the PE uniform!

  School Store: Located in the Assembly Hall, the School hours are 9:00-9:45 a.m., 12:30-1:00 p.m., or by appointment (call Julie Blum at 472-3757). The store carries school supplies, New Horizon Organic Strawberry Milk, Lady's Fabulous Pumpkin Bread, also 16 oz and 32 sport/bike drinking bottles, t-shirts and sweat shirts, all with Maharishi School logos. Come see us soon!

  Very Early Afternoon Program: Moms may attend a ladies' group program at 2 p.m. every school day in building 110 (central upstairs lobby). It is highly recommended to do program with the larger group in the Dome, but if that is not possible, this is another option for group program. Doors are open from 1:55-2:03 p.m., and you can finish in time to pick your. children up after school.

                                         Have a great weekend!






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