804 Dr. Robert Keith Wallace Drive • Fairfield, IA 52556 • Toll free: 866 472 MSAE (6723)

Online Shopping

Maharishi School has an online shopping program with hundreds of your favorite merchants—Land’s End, JC Penny, Gap, Dell, and Apple, to name a few. Log on to www.schoolpop.com and register Maharishi School as your school of choice before you make your purchase. Schoolpop also offers a “no annual fee” Visa credit card that donates 1% of all purchases to Maharishi School.



Sign up to buy through www.iGive.com from your favorite merchants as in School Pop, and igive.com donates a % to Maharishi School.

Ideal Shopping

About 30 local Fairfield merchants donate between 2% and 5% of the amount of your purchase when you make the check you give to the store payable to Maharishi School.This amount is transferred automatically to the fundraising account of the school child concerned. (See below for full list.)


If you get a Target Card and register Maharishi School as your school of choice at their Customer Service Counter, Target will donate 1% of every purchase you make with your Target Card.

For every purchase you make with a Target Visa Card, with Maharishi School registered as your school of choice, at any store or restaurant, Target donates ½% to Maharishi School.


Fairfield Ideal Shopping Merchants

Grocery Stores
HyVee Drugstore
Patti Hancock’s Art Supplies, classes
Winter Moon Pottery
Fairfield Tire and Service
University bp – gas and retail
Americus Diamond
Martin’s Pharmacy (Gift Department)
Personal Care
Connie’s Hair & Beauty Salon
Dotty’s Sewing Nook
Fairfield Flower Shop
Antique Flower Garden
India Cafe
Noodle House
Taco John’s
Thai Deli
The Raj
Specialized Services
Frontline Printing & Graphics