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Lower School

A day in the life of a Lower School student begins and ends with the Transcendental Meditation technique to enliven the holistic functioning of the brain. “Well begun is half done.”

Students under 10 years of age practice the Maharishi Word of WisdomSM program, a technique appropriate for younger children. Teachers at Maharishi School attend to the needs of each child. By nourishing every child, a warm and supportive atmosphere is created that allows learning to be easy and fun. Teachers focus on the students’ holistic development, appreciating their individual strengths and guiding them toward achievement of the highest standards.

Students are grouped by gender in resource-rich, multi-aged classrooms. They receive a solid foundation in language arts and math, and acquire a thorough familiarity with social studies, science, information literacy, music, art, and physical education. Teachers work together to ensure that every stage in the curriculum prepares students for the next stage, creating balance among disciplines and among standard components of learning.

With the integration of the Science of Creative Intelligence course into all subjects, students begin to understand that all of nature shares the qualities of intelligence that they experience growing within themselves.